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Re: Looking for Amigavision examples

Asking again in the proper place…

In article <18…> I asked

>Back a few months ago there was a call on the net for finished
>Amigavision example pieces.  Aside from one charming issue of the CDAUG
>(Albany, NY) newsletter-on-disk, nothing seems to have surfaced.  Has
>anyone uploaded other things to any public archive?

to which hb… (Herb Brown) replied

>There are actually three charming issues of cdAug, the Capital District
>AMIGA User Group electronic newsletter in /incoming/amiga/AVmods on
> I will try to upload additional issues.

That archive site is, of course, abcfd20.  Anyone else?  Post or e-mail,
and I’ll summarize to this newsgroup, rather than the soon obsolete

Wes Plouff, Digital Equipment Corp, Maynard, Mass.

Amiga — over 460,800,000,000 pixels sold.

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Re: Best desktop publisher ???

In <6…> d… (Dave P. Schaumann) writes:

>  1) What software is available?  (Commercial, pd, ftp addresses…)
>  2) What special hardware is required?  (Monitors, memory, printers…)
>  3) Do you need a laser printer, or can you get reasonable output on a
>     dot-matrix printer?
>  4) Why on earth does D. Knuth say that it should be pronounced ‘tek’? ;)

1.  I know of two versions of TeX that run on the Amiga.  One is a PD version
called PasTex.  The other is AmigaTeX by Radical Eye software (Box 2081,
Stanford Ca, 94309)  I found PasTex on Bix a while back.  It seems pretty
solid, but it lacks all of the fonts, the docs are in German, etc.  On the
other hand, AmigaTeX is widely recognized as the best implementation of TeX
available on any system, anywhere.

2.  To use TeX, you need a computer, a version of TeX that will run on your
system, a printer, and a driver for that printer.  AmigaTeX will run in
512k, but you’ll get better performance with more memory.  TeX output is
portable, so you can print on any TeX system.

3.  TeX doesn’t use the preference drivers, it has it’s own special
utilities to print to specific printers.  PasTeX’s selection is rather
narrow, AmigaTeX is somewhat wider.  Drivers are available for Postscript
printers, HP Laserjets, Deskjets, etc, and a stack full of dotmatrix printers.
Since my printer ISN’T supported, I went the Postscript route.  I’ll print
the final copies at work, and only use my printer at home for previewing
(not that is often required, as the previewer is very nice.)

4.  TeX is spelled with greek letters, not Latin letters, so that isn’t


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Recently someone mentioned that the gif-to-iff converter hamsharp has been
upgraded to utilize the sham format, and that the new version is called
shamsharp.  Can anyone tell me where I can find a copy of shamsharp?
Thanks much!

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Amiga output to VCR – How to avoid Chroma Crall???

I’m looking for advice on how to go about dumping pictures off the Amiga
onto a VCR.  The requirement here is simply to record overscan, interlace,
hi-res screens…., no genlocking, or fancy video toasting.  Anyway, years
ago I bought a cheep RGB to composite encoder (C-View from the now defunct
C Ltd?), which has been used with some success with lo-res, non-interlace
screens.  My system is an A2000, WB1.3, Fat Agnus.

Using this RGB encoder, there is substantial color bleeding between adjacent
colors on the same scan line.  With interlace this problem is even more
pronounced as the color bleed varies in intensity, resulting in perceived
left/right motion.  The video guy at the local Amiga store says that this
is called "CHROMA CRALL", and is caused some by NTSC, but mostly by my cheep
encoder.  He then suggested that I buy a Toaster, or Super Gen 2000.

Is it possible to do a little video with the Amiga without spending $1000+?
Has anyone had any better luck with some other genlocks or simple encoders?
Any recommendations?  Homebrew encoder designs?  Advice on this topic welcome!

Thanks in advance.

Carl Symborski                    c…

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Looking for description of IFF file format

Hi could someone email me a copy of the IFF file format? Assuming there is one.


david williams

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Sound to animations

Whats the best way to append sound to animations?  AmigaVision? (But then
Amigavision would be required to play it).

Does anyone know of music software that allows easy incorporation into
anims? (like on a frame-by-frame basis … play X to frame 10, then play


"I/O’s revenge is at hand." – Hennessy & Patterson

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Re: Multimedia and The Press – some quotes

| The pioneer in multimedia has been Commodore International
| Ltd. of the Bahamas, which essentially created the idea in
| 1985 with the introduction of its Amiga personal computer.

Interestingly, CBM news releases used to tag the Amiga as a "multitasking"
computer until just a coupla months ago, when they switched (belatedly) to
calling it a "multimedia" computer instead.

| Having launched the multimedia segment of personal
| computing, Commodore has recently redefined it with the
| introduction of a product it calls CDTV…

Umm.  Not exactly "redefined".  More like, "copied CD-I" ;-)

| But because there is relatively little resource material
| commercially available for multimedia,

If they meant data, I suspect this is one reason Sony and Matsushita
bought up Columbia and MCA… they now own huge amounts of audio-video.

| Michael Holman, president of Microsoft, said the industry has to
| agree to standard protocols and hardware prices must come down for
| multimedia to really take off.

I’d agree.  Pricewise, DVI and CD-I will take off… DVI because of
the number of PClones, and CD-I because of the huge Japanese support.
 kevin <kdarl…>

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SONY vs 3000,RGB genlock resolution

I want to create an interactive multimedia presentation that would
combine some graphics/text with a videodisc output and display the
results on a monitor allowing the user to control the navigation
through a touch screen interface.

I am new to the multimedia/AMIGA world. I have been reading a lot,
but do not have any experience.  PLEASE feel free to correct any
misconceptions I may have, with factual information. The following is
my CURRENT understanding.

I would like to compare the SONY VIW-5000 with an AMIGA 3000
configuration. The SONY system is an integrated solution that includes
the monitor and a single box containing the described equipment.

                  SONY VIW-5000              AMIGA 3000 configuration
computer          286(16-bit), 16Mhz         68030(32-bit), 16Mhz
disk drive        Connor 40 MB, ?11 ms       50 MB, ? ms
RAM               512K(16-bit)               3 MB, 32-bit
touch screen      Sony                       Future Touch FT1084 13"
  monitor         640×480 VGA                640×240
genlock           SMI-3081(512K)             A2300 or                  
                                             Supergen 2000
videodisc player  

I realize the AMIGA configuration is faster, multitasking, and should
BLOW away the SONY configuration, but the final display has to look
great with no flicker.

The best resolution is available from a genlock that can decode the
composite videodisc signal into RGB and combine it with
the RGB graphics/text into a combined RGB output to display on a
RGB monitor. The best resolution is determined by the lowest resolution
in the chain and the amount of colors available for graphics.

videodisc player                          best usable display mode
     |                                                 |
     |——————–> genlock <——————|
          420 TV lines         |     AMIGA – 640×480 4/64 colors or
                               |             320×480 16/4096 colors
                               |     SONY  -  640×480 256/?262K colors
SONY  - > 400 TV lines         |
AMIGA – ? TV lines             |

                            monitor   AMIGA – Future Touch 640×240
                                      SONY  - 640×480

What is the final RGB resolution and how does it relate to TV lines
of resolution(so the video guy knows the output is GOOD)?

Ron Flex

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  I’ve bought my Amiga 3000 5 months ago and I have still not
received AmigaVision. I live in Belgium. What is the problem ?
Why does it take so long ? I have filled in the special form
required to get AmigaVision and I have send it to Commodore
(in Belgium).

                Jorrit Tyberghein

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Where is player.h for AmigaVision?

OK, I know this might sound stupid…..   Where do I get the player.h include
file that is mentioned in Appendix D in AmigaVision? After reading about
direct programming of the laser disc driver device, I discovered these files
were not on the disk! I suppose I need to be a developer??  :)

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