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AmigaVision Database Record search?

I’m using AmigaVision and I wanted to know if the database has a way to
retrieve a specific record number without enclosing the numbers in a search

Some of the file accesses would be much faster since the records are
permanently stored in a specific order.

I couldn’t find an option to do this on the read or search icons and
well… the manual doesn’t have much usefull info on the database
features.  Come to think of it… the manual doesn’t have much usefull info
on anything.  If someone is without an extensive background in programming,
getting started with AmigaVision could be a real chore.

James Diffendaffer

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How to Solve the Problem of A3000 C= CD-ROM Support

   There was a segment on CNN last night about a new program that IBM has
created, to help schools teach with CD-ROM multimedia systems.  The systems
are PS/2 systems (of course) with generic CD-ROM drives, and the multimedia
software running on the systems is quite good, with stereo sound and
partial-screen motion video (about as good as from a CDTV, but with higher
resolutions and color capabilities, and no NTSC/PAL flicker).  The program
teaches selected intructors on how to use the multimedia systems in their
classrooms, and asks that each intructor help at least one other intructor
on how to use the systems in their classrooms.  IBM has also been helping
by practically giving these systems away to various schools.

   This kind of support from IBM is the straw that broke the cammel’s back.
I am sick and tired of seeing so much CD-ROM support from IBM, Apple, and
other companies, and absolutely none whatsoever from Commodore.  Apple is
getting ready to introduce several Macintosh systems in a month or so that
have built-in CD-ROM drives, and all we get from Commodore is the standalone,
unupgradable appliance called the CDTV.  To this date, Commodore has promised
CD-ROM support for the A500 and A600 but still has not delivered on it, and
has yet to even hint at such support for the A3000 and A2000 systems — the
very systems that would form the backbone of competition with Apple and IBM,
if Commodore would get their act together.

   Commodore has been making modified versions of the CDTV OS compatible with
AmigaOS 2.0 available to CDTV developers for several months now.  I’m pretty
certain that only the extra 256K of CDTV-specific ROM has been modified; the
rest of the OS is the standard 512K 2.04 ROM.  What I propose is getting a
dump of the 2.04-compatible 256K CDTV ROM into the hands of one of the bigger
European cracking groups, with the challenge that they develop a software-only
package that would allow A2000 and A3000 systems with a capable SCSI CD-ROM
drive to run CDTV software.  After all, if Commodore will not support us,
why should we continue to support them by remaining loyal to them?  This
bypassing of Commodore could also send a signal to the Commodore management
that they need to get their act together, or the Amiga community will
continue to disregard Commodore’s directional and legal wants and desires in
the future.

   If any Commodore reps have the gall to say that this is somehow immoral,
I would like to ask them what is so immoral about trying in any way possible
to push the AMIGA (not the CDTV) into the booming CD-ROM multimedia market?
Commodore has shown absolutely no desire to provide support that would allow
the Amiga to survive and compete in this market, despite how easy it would be
to provide such support.  This is the greater immorality, IMO.

| Marc Barrett -MB-  |  email: barr…
   Coming soon to a theatre near you: "Honey, I Shrunk the Sales!".
   starring George Burns as Irving Gould.

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AmigaVision Bug Report

After a few hours of swearing at AmigaVisions DataBase features, I decided
that there had to be some other bug in AmigaVision that was causing my

Here is a list of bugs I’ve found since I started using AmigaVision
this week.

        Variable tests and initialization fail.  Definately fails with
        integers… I haven’t tested to see if the string tests and
        assignments work or not.

                Counter not even recognized as a variable at times.
                IfThen and IfElse fail to execute condition PART of the
                >= and <= *seem* to have worked so far.
                Add spaces around *all* operators to make the problem go
                The problem seemed to be cured by placing a space *after*
                the operator, but put spaces on both sides to be safe.
                Counter = 0
                Counter == OtherInteger

        Several functions do not work at all.  I haven’t used it long
        enough to know all of them yet, but there are two that have definate
        inc() and dec() seem to have no function.
                Variables don’t get incremented or decremented.
                Do the obvious… don’t use them.  Add one or subtract one
                from the variable.
                Integer = Integer + 1
                Integer = Integer – 1

I posted these bugs here in hopes it will help some of you out there that use
I cannot seem to mail dirrectly to CBM’s bug reports address so someone
should forward them.

The Version of AmigaVision I use is V1.7 Z.

James Diffendaffer

Utah State University
Instructional Technology Dept.
Nexus Lab.

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VideoToaster for the Macintosh! etco

I am in semi-desparate need of INFORMATION on the VideoToaster
NuBus card for the Macintosh from NewTek.  How much is it
and where can I get it for a reasonable price?  Can someone
give me the toll-free or any sort of phone number or address for

Also, some information from VideoToaster users!

Please answer direct to t…

Kenji Takeuchi  THANKS!

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Re: Making Movies

In article <6…@otc.otca.oz> ad… (Adam Mulukin) writes:
>I currently have access to frame grabbing hardware on a Mac and PC, and I
>plan on grabbing a sequence of frames and using my Amiga to integrate
>these frames with a huge 8svx sound sample. What I need to know is what
>software package on the Amiga will allow me to do this?
>I have no problem with converting captured images to any suitable IFF
>format. The animation software should also be able to store the movie
>using frame differentials to conserve harddisk space and RAM.

ShowMaker is the one you need. It can play full screen animation and
sound directly from hard drive in real time. If you equip with DCTV or
HAM-E, you can run a 24 bit movie off your hard drive. I’ve a movie
TERMINATOR 2 in my hard drive. (30 mins long)

Once you see it, you will find QuickTime is a joke!

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Re: AmigaVision Standalone player–>>WHEN??

In article <1992Aug25.163528.3…> barr… (Marc N Barrett) writes:

>   Commodore occasionally does something right, but they NEVER do anything
>right on a timely basis.  This standalone runtime player should have been out
>a year ago.

Ah… but is it going to be a _freely redistributable_ runtime player?

If not, it’ll be interesting but not hugely useful – as many people pointed
out, having to own a copy of amigavision to use things developed with it isn’t
the way to encourage people to buy it – and I can count the number of
commercial amigavision applications that I’ve seen so far (where they could
maybe afford to licence the player) on the fingers of one nose :-) :-)

A PD player might finally get things going…

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I need an animation+sound software *with* player

Hi everyone,
   I have some animations and dpaint iv images that I would like to turn into
demos a la Eric Schwarz, and whoever does the walker ones (mine are a little
more humble).  Also I will be getting a Perfect Sound 3.x and will be
digitizing stuff off of some of my CD’s (like a movie sound track and a sound
effects CD) and would like something to put this all together in synchronized
clump and then distribute this *with* a player.  I have kind of worked out
what I want – Media Show with a player (Gold Disk) – but there is no player –
I got Media Show with my A2000HD/P – and I called Gold Disk, they don’t know
of one.  So I will tell you what I would like in an alternative:  I want every
title, image, animation, sound effect to be set up on a time schedule.  I
can’t imagine any other way of doing this – where I can move around things
easily and adjust how long and how fast things go.  Mediashow does this very

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Animation+sound software w/ player (continued)

(sorry, I got to the [End of Buffer] and I couldn’t type anymore)
Anyways, I was saying that I want to be able to scedule image, animation, and
sound events and move them around easily – Mediashow (Gold Disk) does this
well, but there is no distributable player for it.  So, I checked around and
considered the following:
Deluxe Video III – I already have the player, but I don’t like the player, and
it didn’t seem to use my x-tra memory.

The Director v2.0 – I don’t know at all about this one, I called the company

(Sorry, to be continued again, I will have to figure this *&^%&%$thing out.)

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animation+sound software w/ player (continued 2)

(continued again)
The Director v2.0  - I don’t know too much about this one, so I called the
company and they never got back to me.  It sounds like I could use it, but I
don’t know anything about how you set up your demos – I really want a time
schedule thing.
MovieSetter – I thought of this right away, and I have seen it used some (E.
Schwarz uses it a lot).  But I understand that it has a more confusing way of
scheduling events and even the guy at Gold Disk couldn’t really recommend it.  
But it is *cheap*.

So, now if you have been following my saga of postings, you will know what I
want in a software.  Also, I am not interested in paying much more than $100.  
I would like to hear what you have to say about any of this software that you
are familiar with.  Also, I would like to know if I am right in thinking that
all I will have to do to get digitized sound in my demos is to digitize stuff
and save it as an 8SVX and then plug it in (with the length dependent on my
available fast memory).
Thanks A LOT in advance,
Jeremy A. Ellis
PS  Please post to comp.sys.amiga.multimedia or e-mail me at
jael… as there is no way that I will be able to keep up with

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RE: Amigavision sites

Would someone also include me in a amiling of any known
Amigavision/multimedia sites?  See other addresses below.


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