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—————-*- LOOKING FOR A PROGRAM -*——————-

If someone has the above program [MINDLIGHT 7] please let me
know…I’d be interested in buying it, since I cannot find
any dealer who sells it…the program is by a company called
Visual Aural Animation. IF anyone knows their phone number
please let me know as well…thanks


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Anyone use Hyperbook?

Has anyone used Hyperbook by Gold Disk?

If so how does it compare to AmigaVision?

What I am looking for is something that would allow 4th thru 6th graders
to easily put together presentations for school projects. I have
AmigaVision and it would be OK, but from the information Gold Disk has sent
me about Hyperbook, it looks like it might be easier to use.

Any information would be helpful!  Thanks!

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dumb question

(please send answers directly to me, or point me to a faq if that’s
what’s called for)

Can movies from amiga be converted to quicktime for mac, and if so
(Our audiovisual dept-the guys with the cameras and all- have an
We have a Mac, and some folks who want to make multimedia courseware,
and don’t have a videospigot for mac yet- & i was thinking maybe we
could skip that step for the 1st few experiments)

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New newsgroup

This note is to inform people of a new newsgroup starting up.

A brief introduction to Mediaworks.

Mediaworks is a new Canadian multimedia publication covering the
exciting breakthoughs and developments in multimedia.  Mediaworks will
report on the trends and products from diverse markets that are
beginning to converge and overlap.  These include computers, office
automation, consumer electronics, music and audio, video, photography
and the graphic arts.  Collectively, these diverse markets are being
referred to as multimedia.

Multimedia is hot and it’s here now.  Multimedia is the result of a
convergence between the two major technological breakthroughs of the
eighties — home video and the personal computer.  Multimedia makes
possible the digital integration of text, graphics, images, animation,
video, sound and music on the computer desktop, with unprecedented ease.
Multimedia is about business communications, enterainment and learning.

Mediaworks is hoping to get feedback from usenet on the articles posted.
Your comments may be published in the next issue of the magazine.


Troy Hacker — 32 Trothen Circle, Markham, Ont., L3P 4H5  VOX: (416) 294-2135
INTERNET: t…  t…
    UUCP: …web!becker!courier!troy

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Playing music in AmigaVision?

Is there an easy way to start and stop "med" or other format music files
from AmigaVision. I tried executing a music player from AmigaVision and
this works OK except that I have no control after it has started. My next
thought is to use a player which can be controlled via AREXX. Before I
spend the time to figure out how to do this, I would like to know if this
would work. What I want to do is pause the music when a button is clicked,
use the sound channels for digitized speech or synthesized speech then
start the music where it left off.

Is this possible. Any ideas on how to accomplish this would be great.

In case anyone is interested, I have just about completed a flow which
provides the user with information on the A600, A1200 and CDTV. It uses
digitized pictures from C=’s brochures (yes I asked C= about it.) along
with added text to provide the user with information about the machines.
In addition it allows the user to click on the connectors on the back of
the A600 and A1200 and get a digitized voice explanation of the connectors.

I intend to use this flow in a presentation I am giving my sons school so
they can decide if the Amiga might be a good cheaper alternative to Mac’s.
They had intended to use the Mac’s mainly for developing Hypercard
applications, so I thought the Amiga would be a good lower cost alternative.
So did some of the teachers after my son (and I) brought his Amiga 1000 in
to share when he was special person of the week. We showed them a couple
of AmigaVision flows I had developed which teaches young kids colors, and
how to spell the color words. When the teachers saw how easy it was to
write such a program in AmigaVision, they were amazed. I have since been
invited to give a presentation on March 16th to the schools technology
council so they can learn more about the Amiga.

If anyone has any ideas about item to demo during this presentation I
would be glad to here them. Better hurry though, March 16th is not far

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      | Hewlett Packard Firmware QA | HPDesk: Kevin TADDEUCCI /HP5300/A0 |
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Mediaworks newsgroup

I forgot to post the Mediaworks newgroup address.

So here is it:



Troy Hacker — 32 Trothen Circle, Markham, Ont., L3P 4H5  VOX: (416) 294-2135
INTERNET: t…  t…
    UUCP: …web!becker!courier!troy

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An AMiga "Quicktime"?

In the light of some new innovations in multimedia from other platforms,
I was wondering if C= or other group/programmer has considered creating
a "Quciktime"-like format for the Amiga to play animations and sound off
the hard disk, be able to access any frame in the animation, be able
to "skip" frames to maintain speed of frame rate, and such…
Or are other companies creating ways to do this with formats like
ANIM-8, and the standard sound format..(which can be improved)

Just askin’, as it would seem the Amiga would do a good job and would
benefit from such a format or technique to play LONG animations AND
soundtrack (especially if it’s off a 16bit board!) without worrying
about RAM, animation manipulation , beating tha pants off a Mac and/or
PC..(for those who demand this from an Amiga..)

More info and posts are appreciated.

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Re: CD-ROM's

>     I am searching for information on CD-ROM’s. Information on
>all related topics would be greatly appreciated. I need this for
>a presentation I am giving.

>                                          Thanks,
>                                          Thorne Kontos

Rather vague. Start by reading the newsgroup
If you have FTP capabilities, try logging into Walnut Creek’s
site: as a lot of info may be found there too.
Visit a newsstand and buy copies of any of the various "multimedia"
type magazines you’ll find there. etc. etc.


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Missing subject header

comp.sys.amiga.hardware, comp.sys.amiga.applications
Distribution: world
Subject: Viva AmigaVision Pro!

   Well, sorry for all the crossposting but I guess this would be interesting
to a lot of people, so why limit it to c.s.a.multimedia?

   I am living temporarily in Minnesota, and I got a roomate that
has an Amiga 3000 and an Amiga 4000 connected toguether with C=
internet cards.  He had some HUGE (2 megs) soundfile on his 3000 and
I had this HUGE anim file created with Scenery Animator 2.0 (5.5 megs).

   And this is what I did in AmigaVision Pro running
   in the A4000, just to see what happened:

   Played as a stream (directly from hardisk) one soundfile from
 the A3000.  NO PROBLEM.

   Played a stream the Scenery animator file *and* the sound from the
 A3000.  NO PROBLEM.

   Played two sounds as a stream – both from the and the animation from
 the A4000.  Animation runs quite fast.  Sound, NO PROBLEM.

   Played 3 sounds as a stream from the A3000.  Same as above.

   Played 4 sounds from the A3000.  Animation runs decently.  Sound,

   Played 4 sounds from the A3000 + the same animation from A3000 *and*
 on another copy if AVPro, the Animation again. All streams, 4 sounds
 and 1 anim from the A3000, and 1 anim from the A4000.

   Animation slowed down, but still played.  Sound, NO PROBLEM.

   And then, same as above, but ran Dpaint on the A4000, 640×400 in 16colors,
made a small anim, and also played it.  It played with some stops here
and there, still sounds-> NO PROBLEM.


   A MAC OR PC *****ATTEMPT****** TO DO THIS.  HA!

   Scenery anim is 320×200 in 32colors.  

   I WONDER how fast the anims will run when AV Pro can playback Anim-8 files!

New happy A1200 owner
256k colors, 1280×400 ** I LOVE IT **

With my new 200 meg hardisk (soon), I’ll digitize a whole CD song.. and have it
as background music!

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ANIM-8 format – when?

Does anyone know when the new ANIM-8 32bit format from C= will be available?
With everyone and their bother/sister (we have to be PC at the UofChicago)
developing their own "proprietery standard", it would be nice for C=
to set the matter straight>

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  "Given enough time, the impossible becomes probable, and the probable
        inevitable.."  -George Wald, "On the Origins of Life"

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