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HAM player for pc's?


could anyone here tell me if there is a program for playing Amiga HAM
animation files on ms-dos pc’s? If there is. please let me know where
it can be found. Thankyou.

- Carol

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                            V I D E O S C O P E  _  9 3

                               OCTOBER 12TH & 13TH

                                   9AM TO 5PM

                              HOLIDAY INN EASTGATE
                           I-275 & ROUTE 32 (EXIT 63)
                                CINCINNATI, OHIO

                          MORE INFO CALL – 18003426150



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Double Density CDs

>The word is that it will be double-speed (not double-density, which
>does not exist).
>Michael J. Farren                       far…
>Unconnected with Commodore for almost two years, now!

Thank you for all your insights and views posted on Internet.  By the way,
IBM recently announced double density optical storage disks, now 1.3
gigabytes.  Ten disks cost $2,150 (I think) in the Ivory Letter.  These
are used in their new 3995 model 133 optical storage system.

Rick Lang, Editor of AmUserDreams and the AmUser News
           next deadline: 15 October 93
           e-mail replies to rl…


 | AmiQWK 2.1 |

– Via DlgQWK v0.71a

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3DO sales (was Re: 3DO survey)

nug… (Ralph Barbagallo) writes:
>     Down at the local WaldenSoftware they have a 3D0 box prominently
>displayed in the front of the store on a big pedestal… nobody asks
> about it… nobody calls in about it…. nobody even looks at it..

Although people may think your observation does not reflect the
situation in other parts of the U.S., it was reported in the
Dow Jones News that 3DO admitted that total sales over the past
week amounted to just 320 units.

For some reason Panasonic had proclaimed they had "sold 3DOs like
hotcakes" when it seems in reality the consumer reacted to the
$700 3DO like a hot potato.  When you consider that the initial
buyers were likely to be employees and aquaintances from 3DO,
Panasonic, major supporters such as Electronic Arts and the "mass
of early adopters" who were hyped up for the past year, you could
characterize sales as nearly non-existant.

The only survey that counts in the marketplace is the one taken
at the cash register and so far, 3DO amounts to 3-2-0.

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Re: CD32 serial port (Was: …

In article <1993Oct11.232941.22…>, torru…

Rune Skoglund) wrote:

TRS> Rumours say that the keyboard connector is bi-directional and can
TRS> be used as a serial port. Can someone with more specs confirm this?
TRS> Also it would be interesting to hear which lines are awailable here
TRS> and what bps rates it can offer.
TRS> Personally, I was disappointed to see that there where no parallel
TRS> port. I had hoped to use ParNet to access the CD-ROM drive from my
TRS> A1200… Well, I’ll probably buy one anyway. :-)

There are hints, that Commodore will produce a CD-ROM for the Amiga, based
the CD^32. Imagine a double-speed, multi-session CD-ROM for the price of a
minus the AGA chipset, the processor, the RAM and the other unnecessary

Imagine an Amiga with this CD-ROM and the MPEG Decoder (encode your
via software and play it in video quality with the MPEG-board).

Commodore would be stupid, not to do it!

But then Commodore is known for some very stupid deeds in the past. :-(

Ciao… Stefan

          Stefan Graunke, Arnulfstr. 26, 50937 Koeln, Germany
        Please do not send mail >48KB to any ‘’-address.

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AmigaMUD demo log posted

A demo log of my AmigaMUD text/graphics/audio multiplayer game-system/
language-system/whatever has been posted to and . Accompanying uuencoded graphics snapshots are
also posted, but only to .

This is an entirely new MUD system, written from scratch over the last
three years. I believe it compares favourably with any of the MUD systems
available on UNIX. The system has good English parsing support, a fast
type-safe structured interpreter, graphics and sound output (music will
probably not make the first release), mouse and keypad input, etc. The
database is disk based, hence doesn’t need multi-megabytes of memory.

[For Amiga programmers: the development system (this uucp node) always runs
with Enforcer on, and is a hard-disk equipped A3000, so the system will
likely run on just about any Amiga with enough resources, which is a meg or
two of RAM for the server machine, and 512K for a remote client machine.
V2.0 is not required.]

Chris Gray   c…@ami-cg.GraySage.Edmonton.AB.CA

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MainStream Multimedia

I justy received a book called MainStream Multimedial "Applying
Multimedia in Business" (ISBN 0-442-01181-4)

What was really disappointing is that is only mentioned the Amiga
on two pages (yes, thank you, the Amiga exists).

I see a number of problems here…

1)  The industry is fixated on IBM.
2)  The Amiga is not recognized as a MultiMedia platform.
3)  The authors of books and software do not know of the existance of
    the Amiga.
4)  Commodore has to get off of their (collective) asses and
    educate the masses about the capabilities of the Amiga.

’nuff said.

.daryl hegyi.

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Video advice wanted.

I am in the process of making an amateur film.  We have the need to
do the following:

- play video to a window
– overlay text/graphics on both static and moving video
– record the output from the computer.

We have looked at a variety of hardware but none seems to be
suitable on other computers.  Is there anything in the Amiga
world that would assist.  If anyone has any recommendations I
would appreciate an e-mail.



Mark Bridgett
Technical Consultant

Unix Mail : ma…      Hewlett-Packard Limited
HP Desk   : Mark Bridgett/HP8005/BA     South Queensferry
Telephone : +44-31-331-7445             West Lothian
Fax       : +44-31-331-7412             Scotland  
Voice Mail: +44-344-368151              EH30 9TG

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Any FTP'able AmigaVision flows?

I’ve recently started working with AmigaVision and am curious to see what
kinds of things other people have done with it.  I’ve looked on Aminet and
asked Archie for AV flows, but haven’t found anything yet; is there an FTP
site somewhere that has some?

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Is 30fps really that difficult?

     I am currently working up a quote on an Amiga 4000/’040 system, and
am wondering what would be the best way to get animation out at 30fps,
without a single frame recorder.  I’ve looked at many options, and most of
it is just muddled or confusing.
     What I’m trying to do, is traditional 2-D animation with 3-D
animation, either one or the other, and 2-D overlaid onto 3-D.  I am
currently looking for a good software/hardware combo that will deliver
high quality (752×480, or the lower 368×236, or whatever that one is, but
I’d like the former) NTSC output at 30fps.  24-bit isn’t necessary, so I’m
not worried about that, but I do want at least the new AGA limit of
256,000 colors.
     I’ve looked at the new DCTV, and it’s too fuzzy.  The Video Toaster
can handle it, but it has to all be played from memory, and when 18 megs
delivers less than 10 seconds, it’s not worth it.  I don’t know enough
about the HAM8 or ANIM7 formats, but they seem to be the best bet.
     What I’m looking to do is do the 3-D animation, render it all to a
file.. is this possible with any software out there?  Or possible with an
ARexx script?  Then I’d do 2-D traditonal character animation, touch it
up, color it, ect.  After that, I’d overylay it frame-by-frame onto the
3-D animation, making a huge animation file to be played at 30fps.  Is
that possible?  Someone suggested that I first render the 3-D animation to
a tape, then genlock the 2-D over it.  Is there a better way to do
752x480x256,000 animations 2-D/3-D animations?
     I have also read about the new Personal Animation Recorder, and how
it can deliver 24-bit 30fps playback without a single frame recorder.  
That would be nice, but does anyone know if it can import 2-D animation
and play it?  Or is it just limited to 3-D?
     Also, as a final note, I must point out that most of the 2-D over 3-D
work isn’t really that intensive.  The characters are basically made up of
solid color with highlights, the biggest problem is the 3-D animation
being the complex backgrounds.
     Thanks for any responses!


The time is gone the post is over, thought I’d something more to say…

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