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Anyone using Mediapoint?

Is anyone out there using the new Mediapoint software?  It’s supposed to be
better than Scala and doesn’t require that annoying dongle.  I just want to
know what the real word on its performance is.

/\ndre   –   aperu…

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IV24-2 + MyLad Question

I am new to amigaville with a 3000 and IV24-2 board and a lot of software
most of which is 2-4 years old.  I also have the GVP video interface
unit RGB splitter.  I am trying to get MyLad, a software package of
wipes to connect video from two sources through the IV board and the
splitter.  My video source run into the CVS1 and CVS2 jacks in the VIU and for
some reason the RGB source as switched at the IV24 video interface panel
(whether thru CVS1 or CVS2) doen’t lock, but floats across my VGA monitor and
ross my output monitor.  The wipes work fine. One picture, the sync
sourc is alwas

Does anyone know what the problem is?  The IV24 board has a genlock.
Do I need another?

All helpful comments appreciated,

Conrad Skinner……………………….Tesuque, New Mexico…….OOessay

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Re: Sound problem in Amig

->      "The Amiga is to computers as Harley Davidson is to motorcycles.

As in "technologically inferior and overpriced??"  Amiga certainly
doesn’t have the yuppie appeal that Harleys do, or CBM would still be in
business and Apple wouldn’t.

I’m not following you Derf, help me out here. And just whose side are
you on, anyway? <g>

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EX modules for SCALA ?!

Does anyone know how the EX modules for Scala are made ?
Id’like to implement some things in Scala and it seems to me, that the
best way for doing that would be EX-module. Any documentation on this
subject is wellcome !


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Our company was using MediaPoint but we found it to be slower than Scala
MM300. It also took longer to develop multimedia applications.

I think Scala MM300 is 1 generation above the current version of MediaPoint
but MP does have potential. Maybe the next release will be improved.


– Via DLG Pro v1.0

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How much is Toaster A4000?

Hi all,  
I am considering to buy a video production system, but have several questions,
please help me out.

1. How much should I pay for the toaster A4000 (new? used?).
2. Which plattform is more economical A2000 or A4000 amiga, taking
performance into consideration?
3. What are the best priced TBCs and source sinks that have decent performance?

4. Who are the decent dealer/manufacture that I can deal with

Any answers are appreciated.
Lu Ta

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   Attention all AMOS, Easy AMOS, and AMOS Pro coders!  Attention please!!!

Being the most obnoxious and loudest AMOS advocate on the network, I have
decided to administer the list!  That’s right, I have assumed control!

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In the body of the message, please put:

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For example, if I wanted to subscribe, I would put:

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(It is not case sensitive so do not worry about it)

        Okay, now that you have subscribed, this is how you send a message to
everyone on the list.  Compose your message as normal and send it to:


        That is all you do!  Everyone, including yourself, will get a copy of
your message.  What a great way to find out about updates and ask questions
about anything relating to AMOS!

        If you want to send me mail concerning the list, such as to unsubscribe,
heaven forbid, send it to the amos-request address.  If you are unsubscribing,
heaven forbid, put UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject line.

        So what are you waiting for?  Subscribe then send a message to amos-list
introducing yourself and telling everyone what you do with AMOS!

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AMIGA and .avi files.

I was wondering whether the AMIGA has any was of playing back PC .AVI
files?  Is there something that will convert the video? audio?  both?
I’m using an A3000 if that makes any difference.  I’ve seen converters
for MPEG, DLs and FLIs, but nothing for AVIs.  Help!  Thanks,

Nick Murray

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video toaster faq

the subject says it all, does such a thing exist?  should i be asking this
in another news group?  thanks in advance for any response.


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call for papers

San Francisco State University’s Multimedia Studies Program is
looking for models of interactive multimedia and interface design.
We are looking more for aesthetic research papers than technical
ones.  Please send information to sta…    Thanks.

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