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CanDo'ers Unite!

Are you a user of the
amiga authoring system CanDo?  


   Would you like to exchange ideas, experience and even a little code?
           Help make it happen by giving your support to the:

                »»»  INTERNATIONAL CANDO USER FORUM  «««

                      Created By: jlf…

==== CURRENT GOALS =====================================================

        – List serv mailing list subscription for CanDo talk

        – Dedicated internet newsgroup for CanDo users
          (use comp.sys.amiga.multimedia at this time)

        – Dedicated FTP files site for all kinds a neat stuff…

          CanDo Apps · Decks · Resources · Demos · Script Code

==== WHY ICUF IS BEING CREATED =========================================

   As an avid user of the amiga’s premiere authoring software, I believe
each of us can greatly benefit from the exchange of information found on
the internet. From solving scripting mysteries, to seeing the efforts of
our work, ICUF will be a welcome addition to the CanDo user.

  I am currently setting up a mailing list, and will announce when it
will be active. INNOVAtronics has been informed of my intentions and I
am confident that with enough support, they will become involved…

==== WHAT YOU "CANDO" ==================================================

  Show your support for this endeavor with the information below. Along
with placing you in the user group mailing list, your name will be used
to show your interest in the International CanDo User Forum!

Please send the information from ^^this line^^  down to: jlf…  

       YOUR NAME:
INTERNET ADDRESS:                

   EXPERIENCE WITH CANDO: <Novice> <Intermediate> <Advanced> <Expert>

VERSION OF CANDO YOU USE: <1.0> <1.5> <1.6> <2.0> <2.5>  OTHER?



            "I had a signature, it was around here somewhere…"

       * Real Life On-Line Help 24 Hrs a Day…    Je…@Saviour.God *

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Presentation Master

Regarding this relatively old program, I have some questions:
(1) How sophisticated are its structural drawing tools?  Can one fit text to
    curves and/or shapes?
(2) Does it support ECS modes like Productivity?  Can it automatically convert
    IFF pics to few colors on a page?
(3) Where can I find this program in the U.S.?  How much?

Finally, though this is not necessarily related to multimedia, are there any
Amiga programs that do what are listed above?


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Touchscreen usage with CD32

Hi there,
is there anyone using a touchscreen successfully with a CD32 and can
share his experience and market overview with me ?

 Christoph Guelicher                            C… (uucp@home)
 Dohlenweg 4, D-57078 Siegen             \|/    C…
 Universitaet-GH Siegen, FTS (ETG238)    o^o    C…
         MS-DOS is the worst text adventure game I have ever played:
             poor vocabulary, weak parser and a boring storyline.

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Touchscreens. Companies?

Hi there.

I’m about to dwelve into a project which could benefit immensely from a
touchscreen. I was wondering if any of you have good experiences with
touchscreens, and if so what would you recommend?

-Jesper Juul

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Amiga TV

Does anyone know if there’s anything you can get for the Amiga that
allows you to use it as a TV receiver? I saw stuff like WatchIt! for IBM
and something on the Mac which I can’t remember the name of but I was
thinking how great it would be if they had it for the Amiga.

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Where in the world is MediaPoint Int.?

Does anyone know whatever happened to the US rep company for MediaPoint?
The registration card addressed to Computer Video Solutions in Akron, PA
came back as ‘return to sender/address unknown’. The parent company is
located in Netherlands (at least I hope it still is), but they were
supposed to run a BBS here in the States with upgrades, XApps etc.
Any info will be very helpful. Thx!

                                                         - Peter

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Scala frozen mouse pointer

Has anyone ever encountered a frozen mouse pointer after accidentally
installing dongle with power on?
Well I did, and powering back up hasn’t resolved the problem. I also
tested the mouse on another machine, it works fine.
Anyone ever come across this problem.
Any info would be appreciated.

Rick Lescarbeau

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Multi-format and CD-32

I’m just about to buy a CD-32.  I understand that it will work with existing
"Multiformat" CD’s – is this true, and if so can anyone provide a list of good
multi-format titles? Also, is there an easy way to tell (from a catalogue
description) if a CD is multi-format?


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Re- Touchscreen companies

Try out MicroTouch in England !!



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Can My MultiSync Show Composite???

I have an NEC MultiSync II monitor for my Amiga 1200.  It has a 9 pin
plug for input (the same type plug as the Amiga mouse/joystick ports).  
It can scan down to 15 kHz.

So my question is:

Can I use it to view a composite signal.  Is there some sort of adapter I
can use to plug a phono type plug sending the composite signal, into the
9 pin plug.

I know that at first this question may not sound Amiga specific, but I
think the answer would be useful for many Amiga users, since so many
Amigas have the Ability to output a composite signal in one way or
another.  I want to know so I can use my DCTV with this monitor.

Thanks in advance.

<>ratsp…                        <>
<>                                        <>
<>/\_||_/\ Amiga 1200 10(RAM)/50(’030wMMU)<>
<>\      /            50(’882)/345meg HD  <>
<> \()()/                                 <>
<>  (  )    AGA/DCTV  "Only the Insane    <>
<> – <> –             Prosper…Only those<>
<>   ||               that prosper, judge <>
<>                    what is sane.."     <>

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