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I recently purchased aa A500 and an A520 video adapter for my kids. When
I connect it up to my daughter’s tv’s A/V jacks and try to run it, the
picture bounces. Its not a rolling, but a slight bounce(is the only way I
can describe it). I hooked it up to 2 other tvs, one bounced, but the
other didn’t. The one that didn’t is a Sony, the other two that did are
made by Zenith – could that have someting to do with the bounce?

These tvs don’t have a vertical adjustment that I could tweak. Is there
some kind of inline filter that I could get to compensate for this
problem? Is there something (a component) inside the A520 that might be

Any insight/help to solve this problem and get a steady picture would be
greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!

Cory Peck

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Scala Palette

Sorry to bother, but someone on this ought to be able to answer this. I
got a little Scala titler/fx program on a magazine (EC100?), and I love the
palette. Could someone post the color values?

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Re: Trade SoundMaster for MM300!

John Chang (73023.2…@CompuServe.COM) wrote:
> Recently I posted a want ad on Aegis/Oxxi SoundMasters.  I’ve
> been authorized to provide you SoundMaster owners an optional
> deal.

Are they really that rare these days?

John, you might try and post this in some of the other amiga groups as well.

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Animator wanted, music videos

English band with established international reputation seeks a
permanent full-time in-house animator for music videos.

Further information from 100121…

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Re: What digitizer should I…

Anders Lindgren (dat94… wrote:

: Hello.
: I need a good digitizer for digitizing (surprise, eh?)
: sequences of drawings, i.e I’m going to test animations
: in the computer before shooting them on expensive film.
: Is the VIDI Amiga AGA RT-digitizer a good choice? Others?
: What animation software would YOU recommend for making
: animations based on/including digitized drawings?
: What cameras should I consider?
: This, and everything else you reckon could be worthwhile
: for me to know, post it and make me happy!

Anders, have a look at Videomaster AGA for the 1200 from HiSoft.
It is only 1/4 screen mono but it plays back at full 25 or 30 fps and
syncs to sound which it can also capture. It might be ok for line
drawings and only costs 50 pounds.
                        Good luck..Gary

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Is My Spectrum Stuffed?

Hello Folks. Where do I begin? The last chapter will do – the body of
the book is academic now anyway.

"What the hell are you rattling on about Tony?"

Well, it’s like this: Whenever I boot up our 2 meg EGS-Spectrum 28/24
equipped A3000 a system message appears: "NO LEGS INSTALLED|PERHAPS NOT

I’ve been having trouble with the card since last November when it was
removed from the machine during KS 3.1 ROM installation. Somehow a
copper trace on the ZORRO III jumper circuit sustained damage –
basically it was knocked or scratched, (perhaps by the cat) severing the
trace. Fortunately only the top layer was involved so I used a tiny drop
of conducting paint (finally tracked some down) to mend the ‘hole’ in
the trace.

Conductivity may have been restored – that is, the machine now boots
with the jumper in ZORRO III mode – but I immediately get the above-
mentioned message. I can get to ECS screens OK but, apart from the EGS
16-colour default, there are no EGS screens – WB nor custom available.

The card had always run fine in ZORRO III mode up until that fateful
November day when I took the A3000 apart to install the new ROMs. After
that, it would only boot into an EGS system if the jumper was in the
ZORRO II position. To add to the woe, last week, before I mended the
trace, I was trying to get SBase4 Pro’s Forms Designer to promote to an
EGS screen when the entire system crashed. Upon boot-up all I got was
garbage all over the screen – ghostly images of the outlines of windows,
requesters etc. Even the EGS boot logo was a solid mass of dithered blue
dots completely filling the screen. This, of course, was in ZORRO II
mode. Not to put too fine a point on it: SHIT! :-(

I’ve tried everything I can think of to solve these problems – apart
from primal scream therapy! ;-) I’ve had all the other cards out with
just the Spec in. No go. I’ve done a complete re-installation of the EGS
software – both 6.2 and 7.1. No go. I’ve pressed down on the Spec’s
memory chips. No go. I’ve sent E-mails to GVP Tech: They advised mending
the trace – but basically, no go. Since mending the trace the message
appears regardless of what the Spec’s ZORRO jumper settings are but,
since I can’t even get the bugger to boot into an EGS mode, I have no
way of knowing what the display is now like in ZORRO II mode.

Despite all the above, pass-through to the 1960 monitor remains

I’m almost certain this is not a SuperBuster problem; I tried the card
in a friend’s A3000 – one with a different SB – and the symptoms
persisted. Also, the Spectrum ran fine in both ZORRO modes for the eight
months from the time of purchase until the day it sustained the damage.

Confusing isn’t it? (Congratulations. You must have a fairly good
attention-span if you’ve soldiered your way this far. ;-) )

So, Folks, whatcha think? Are the above symptoms indicative of static-
damage? Anyone out there with the foggiest notion of what’s happened? Is
my Spectrum stuffed?

Cheers, Tony McKee

I am a part of all that I have met… yet all experience is but an arch
Wherethro’ gleams that untravel’d world whose margins fade
Forever and forever… ‘ere I move.


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Anyone knows LIVE! ?

Hi there!

I found yesterday in the cellar of our Multimedia Studio an old
Zorro-Card called LIVE! I beleave, I can remember it to be some kind of

But unfortunately, there is only the Hardware left over in the box. No
Software, no Manuals, no list of features :-(

Does anyone know, what this card does (in detail) and where I can get
the appropriate software?

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

mfg Craven                              _       ____  
 Dirk Taggesell, Muenchen          _   //      /    \  
 Z-Netz: | not connected           \\ //      ( OS/2 )
 UseNet: | cra…      \X/        \____/  

USENET  is  a wonderful mechanism for making a fool of yourself
in front of a very large audience. –Lars Poulsen

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.MOV player?

Is there a .MOV Quicktime movie player for the Amiga?

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MM300 Toaster EX?

I Was wondering if anyone knew if
there is MM300 EX for the Video Toaster yet?

Armando Ruggeri

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AmigaVision driver


I’m looking for a driver for my Selectra-equipped AG1960 video deck to
be used with AmigaVision Pro.  Has anybody seen one anywhere?


… A clean desk is a sign of a cluttered desk drawer.
___ Blue Wave/QWK v2.12

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