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Sending external events to MM/IC100, Attn: JC

Hi John,

I decided to make this a public post as there are potentially other Amiga
users of IC that will be moving to the PC and have a similar problem.

Is / will there be a mechanism in IC100, similar to AREXX on the Amiga,
that will allow an external program (not an EX) communicate / control

The reason I ask is that I have a large assortment of stuff that interacts
with IC500 (actually, I’m amazed at how much crap I can cram into a VBLANK
and not affect performance) via AREXX, and it will be important to bring
it over when we go PC.  The most complex program is a database that can be
controlled via a DTMF keypad that I have running into the parallel port.

Finally, can you recommend a TCP/IP stack suitable for DOS use?


Neil O’Rourke

"Naturally, we maintain plausable denial" – Cancer Man, The X Files

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Silent PAWS* (Portable Amiga WorkStation)–Where are you?

Seems like there was this company out of Virginia (?) that
was doing A600 and A1200 docking laptop systems with active
color LCD and battery power?

What happened to them?

Shawn McDermott, CEO
Audio Video Design Inc.
Teleprompter Hardware & Software Systems for Amiga, PC, and Macintosh

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mediaphile and sanyo decks gvr-s955

I have two gvr-955 sanyo s-vhs decks. i use mediaphile to drive them, but
am having alittle trouble. i cannot make an insert edit from remote mode.
the edit is done, but nothing records, because the insert light on the
indicator panel doesn’t light up. (vide/hi-fi audio, audio1, audio2).
from sancomm or vcs programs provided by sanyo, you can type edtp 1-9 and
get the remote activated insert lights on, but then it locks up the
serial port from mediaphile, and the controller boxes lock up most of the
time. this is one of a few problems, which i will post later.

thank you.

marybeth cornell

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where toaster info?

Can somebody tell me where to find a Toaster newsgroup? Are a group with
Taoster info? I just bought an A2000 with a Toaster 4000 and I keep
getting an "unable to genlock" message. Thanks

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MC4D; Objekte, Texturen


ich habe mir gerade MaxonCinema 4D Pro gekauft, und bin nun auf der Suche nach
guten Objekten und Texturen.

Hat jemand Tips,Adressen o.ä ?

Und Tschüss,

Jens Reimer

MicroDot 1.11Beta16
     : jens.rei…

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What's a 'minimum' setup for MM300?

I’ve got an A1200 and I’m about to purchase Scala MM300.  I’m also
trying to decide on an accelerator and memory.  I know that more and
faster is better, but would you guys consider an ’030 at 40mhz and
8meg Fast RAM enough for most Scala projects?  

Also, what’s the biggest differences between MM300 and MM400.  I’ve
heard that, of course, MM400 is nicer, but that the differences
weren’t tremendous between the two.

Thanks for any advice,


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Email VisCorp Now!

Hey, Gary.  I appreciate want you’re doing as it relates to support for
the Amiga platform.  Being a long-time Amiga user (since 1988) I enjoy
using it to create hundreds of music mods which I’ve uploaded to aminet
and to the UK as well as many local bbs’s.  Even though my A500 is still
working after all these years (I use it for net surfing as well as
creating music mods) I wouldn’t mind connecting my modem to a new AGA
Amiga (which in light of the new technology in net surfing I could
definitely use an A1200 or even a Walker if necessary).  Anyway, again,
thanks a lot, Gary.  There should be more advocates like you around.

   __ ///      Fido: 1:202/122.0          -= The Mouse Trap BBS =-
   \\X//             1:202/121.0             San Diego, CA  USA
    \X/        Data: (619)-464-2134     Serving Amiga Owners Since 1987

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Subject: Quicktime
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

Subject: Quicktime
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.misc
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

Subject: Quicktime
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.multimedia
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

Subject: Quicktime
Newsgroups: comp.sys.amiga.multimedia
X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL2]

I am noticing more and more quicktime files in Web pages. Is there any way
to view them on an amiga.
Phil G.

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Email VisCorp Now!

*** Area: AMIGA                                   Date: 15 Apr 96  8:59:40
*** From: Gary Peake (1:106/7511.1)
*** To  : All
*** Subj: Email VisCorp NOW!

@MSGID: 1:106/7511.1@Fidonet 3172645c
This weekend I have received literally hundreds of emails from Amiga
users all over the world that have gotten my email address either from
Fido or from posts on Usenet. Each and every one is asking what to do.

I have chatted with both VisCorp and Amiga Technologies and have been
assured by both sides that all is well. But, I am still not positive
that VisCorp understands that we want and need the 1200, the 4000T,
the Walker and the Power Amiga.

I have also spoken with some of the most ardent supporters of the
Amiga who are urging that we all take some united stand in a POSITIVE
way to let VisCorp know our feelings on keeping Amiga Technologies and
the R&D for Walker and Power Amiga ongoing.

I have given this a lot of thought. I really feel that it may be the
right time to let VisCorp know what we are willing to buy from them
and from Amiga Technologies. BUT, this MUST be done in a very
professional, non-FANATICAL manner! Acting a fool will get us no

The following are email addresses to VisCorp and Amiga Technologies.
Please send a nice, one or two paragraph note telling them that you
support the Walker, the Power Amiga, the 1200, the 4000T, Amiga
Technologies, and Viscorp! Let them know that we are a united user
base and that we care about what happens to the Amiga platform and are
willing to put our money where our mouths are!

Amiga Technologies   i…          general mail bot
                     eg…               Ed Goff
                     g…                Gilles Bourdin

VisCorp              fradulo…          Florence Radulovic
                     dro…        David Rosen
                     kr…         Steve Kreckman
                     c…         Carl Sassenrath

Again … NICE will get their attention and a positive response!

Do NOT delay! Pass this to every bbs in your area! Get anyone and
everyone you know with an Amiga to send an email message now so that
VisCorp can see that there IS a market across the world for the Amiga

Gary Peake                "Mystic Meg"            
————————————————-  Fellow AMIGA users:
Gemi…   Portal Communications   |
1:106/7512.1             Club Amiga-Houston,Tx   | Team AMIGA is a grassroots
                                                 | movement designed to provide
 Proud supporter of Amiga Technologies/VisCorp   | support for AMIGA users
    Unelected Official —> *Team AMIGA*         | Amiga Technologies, VisCorp
————————————————-  and all AMIGA vendors.
43 year old Beta-Tester … A3000/25!

… A man is as young as the woman he feels!

-*- ASTG 1.9

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Defense of SCALA and John Chang

I for one want to thank both SCALA and John Chang for their CONTINUED support o
f both the Amiga platform, and those of us who use it professionally on a
regular basis.  At a time when most developers were bailing out, SCALA came out
 with MM400, a MAJOR upgrade of their already outstanding product.  They’ve
always been ultra responsive, either on phone or right here in this forum, for
my requests for either information or help.  It would be a great loss, to me,
to see their participation here dry up because of the comments of a few
cynics and pessimists.  My response to pundits who predict the future with smug
 cynicism, John, is to ignore them.  They’re not the ones who make change
happen; they view mistakes as failure, while the rest of us…well, Edison made
 over 100 attempts at making the lightbulb before he got it right.  A reporter
asked him how it felt to fail over 1000 times.  Edison’s astonished reply was
 "What do you mean fail?  We simply learned over a thousand ways not to make a
light bulb!"  ’Nuff said.  John, et. al., keep up the great work, and please
don’t go away

Jim Wilde, running SCALA on a 1200, 4000, and CD32/SX-1 for classrooms, confere
nces, seminars, congressmen, and for economic and social development…I walk
the walk, not talk the talk.

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