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Scala, Retina Z2 and A2000 sort of works

I’ve been using Scala MM400 on my A1200 with good results. The other day
I took apart my A200 for various upgrades, mainly a Retina Z2 graphics
board, and for the heck of moved my dongle over and installed MM400 on
the A2000 to see what would happen.

I knew that Scala is not supposed to support third-party graphics
(except for various EX modules).

Anyway, the A2000 has an ’030 accelerator and WB 3.1.

Tweaking Scala through RetinaEMU, I was soon able to get the Scala,
Animlab, etc. interfaces showing on the Retina board. However, running
a script or showing a page would fail. Scala seemed to be trying to
open these pages on the standard Amiga output (I’d get a blank window
there, seen via switchbox). Oddly, the loaded graphics page or first
frame of an anim would sometimes flash briefly on the Retina screen
when I escaped back to the program.

Checking RetinaEMU, I noticed a series of Scala-associated screens,
including HumanTouch Menu (several), ScalaMM Editmenu, Scala WorkScreen.
I tried to force the new entries (RetinaEMU adds all screens to its
whether they are Retina or Amiga), to come up on the Retina, but failed.

Unfortunately, because the A2000 has the Retina aboard, in order to use
Scala, it would appear I will have to reconfigure RetinaEMU to make Amiga
screens the default, then reboot. Not very attractive as an alternative.
Back to the A1200!

One other bit of bad news: For some reason, on the above A2000 setup,
programs seem to find the green dongle only about a third of the time!
Whether this has anything to do with Retina is questionable; this didn’t
happen on the A1200.
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How to generate CDXL file?

Could somebody tell me how to convert AVI/QuickTime/Mpeg video
file to CDXL format?


-Jim Cao

Dept of Computer Science              @ @       Nichols Apt. #119
Rutgers University at New Brunswick    "        900 Davidson Rd.
Piscataway, NJ 08854                   >        Piscataway, NJ 08854
Email:j…                 Voice: (908)235-0015

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! MASS POST Was Here! (pgMNpW)

MASS POST–the program by Ones and Zeros–has been used to send this message
to thousands of newsgroups.


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Real Music

Interested in listening to computer music? Then how about checking out my webpage "Real Music"?
There you’ll find all the information, software (both Amiga and PC) and files for music in formats
like SID, MOD, TFMX, S3M and MP3 you’ll ever need. Check ""!

Anders Nordby (ander…,
Student at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.

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IBrowse 1.02 Navigation/Animation Help

I just purchased IBrowse 1.0, and have since upgraded it to
version 1.02 via Hisoft’s web site.  I am using IBrowse with MUI
3.6 and AmigaOS 3.1 on an A1200 030/882 platform with 2+32MB RAM.

The program seems to work just fine except that I cannot get the
navigation buttons or the transfer animation graphics to load no
matter what "Window" or "Buttons" preferences I toggle.  The
Images directory is correctly identified in the Preferences
(General) setup window, and the def_Navigation and
def_TransferAnimation graphic files are correctly installed under
the PROGDIR:Images/ directory, per the original software
installation routine.

The graphics in the display window itself resolve well — the
problem is limited only to the navigation and animation gadgets.
When I switch the Buttons preferences to the "Images" setting,
all that is displayed are six very small rectangular boxes.  The
animation gadget currently displays only as a very small dot (on
or off).  Both gadgets can be moved around the borders of the
display yielding the same results.  In addition, reverting back
to the MUI 3.5 software that came with IBrowse also yields the
same results; and the demo version of IBrowse 1.02 has the same
problem as well when run on my system.

I am at a loss as to why the gadget imagery does not load when
IBrowse is launched.  Help….

Thanks in advance for your assistance — the program just doesn’t
look right without the navigation / animation graphics as
displayed in the manual.  Appreciate any help to get IBrowse up
and running smoothly.

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Re: I want to record to video tape

Jernej Pecjak (vid.pec… wrote:

: Snip..Amiga 4000 with composite video output (modulator). I wanted to
save some animation I did to VHS video tape. I know this is not the best
equipement but I  was wondering:
: 1. Is my modulator broken? The colours are very different than on my RGB
: monitor. The one that is supposed to be yellow is orange, white is
: reddish etc.

This is typical – there is a lot of variation between what you see on
your monitor and what winds up on screen, and it’s complicated by the low
quality of VHS, the low quality of TV displays generally, and the
probability of improper calibration at various points in the system.

Best if you can to try to check your output of colours directly on your
display device at the least, as in a genlock to VCR/TV BEFOE doing a lot
of work, adjust to taste lacking more equipment.

: 2. Do video recorders have RGB in scart connected? If they mostly do I could
: connect amiga RGB to NVF-70 videorecorder and tape it with RGB. Would the
: quality be better?

Can’t say, no experience with SCART.
: 3. Am I going to get better picture with a genlock or is genlock just
      primarely for mixing computer and video pictures? :

A good genlock, like the SuperGen or SuperGenSX, will look better than
the encoder.

: 4. I know VHS is bad but my main problem is that the picture on TV directly is
: bad also. VHS is not SO bad as my picture? Is there any better output
from amiga : directly to video than modulator one? Genlock? :

Answered above- you may also benefit by limiting the values of your
colours, as by running the images through a software ‘filter’ in an
image processing program like ImageFX first, or at least keeping the RGB
values down to something suitable – reccomendations can be found in most
paint program manuals and elsewhere.

: 5. Am I limited now to 256 colours on the tape? I can not have milions with
: using this method? Is the only way to use more colours PAR or something
: simmilar?

With a 4000, you are limited to realtime playback of Ham8 at best, but
even well dithered 256 colours can look quite passible for many purposes.


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New Amiga Web Site !!!!! in Greece

hello dear Amiga nauts….
I am very glad to announce you a new Amiga site in the URL:

For the moment the pages are in Greek only,but very soon
they will be translated in English too.
Amiga World is one of the very first conferences created in Compulink’s BBS back in
1992.Now Compulink has grown so fast where it became Greece’s biggest internet provider
But the BBS and its conferences still exist and of Amiga World still exists and is more
alive than ever….
So we thaught it time to move on and make our presence to the web too.
Our main purpose is to bring solution to any problem the Greek Amiga USer
might come.But of course you will be able to find the most recent news and
developements and generally everything is related to our favorite machine.
We would also like to inform you that from December of 1996 the Amiga Web Directory
has a new mirror in Compulink’s web server in the url:

For any suggestion,flame or whatever please mail:

happy new year
may the new one find all of us
with a POWER AMIGA ;-)

 |                                                                   |
 |           Menis Malaxianakis e-mail:je…            |
 | Web authorer and maintainer of |
 |  AMIGA 1200-Blizzard 1230 50mhz+FPU 68882 50mhz-26 MB RAM         |
 |  1.2 GB 3.5′ HARD DISK-SCSI II Controller-4XCDROM Toshiba         |
 | Workbench 3.1-MACSytem 7.0.1(Shapeshifter 3.7)-Windows 3.1(PCTASK)|
 |     /\    |\    /|—  /—-    /\      |– |    | |    |—      |
 |    /  \   | \  / | |  |        /  \     |  ||    | |    |     /\  |
 |   /—-\  |  \/  | |  |   _   /—-\    |– |    | |    |–  /    |
 |  /      \ |      | |  |  | | /      \   |\  |    | |    |    \    |
 | /        \|      |—  \___|/        \  | \  \__/  |___ |___  \   |
 |                                                               /   |
 | =============================================================/    |

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HELP: Vidi-Amiga RT24 Disk

Hi, Anyone is using Rombo’s Vidi RT24 graber ?
My software disk corrupted unfortunately, Could
some kindly mail me a dms copy ?

Many thanks in advance.


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Deluxe Video

Hi out there,

does anybody use Deluxe Video III on an Amiga 1200, having
the same problem as me?


If i try to play old .vid-files, which i made on my A 2000 on the A 1200
(1230-II Blizzard, 50 MH, COPRO, 16 MB RAM), i get awfull patterns on the
screen, where the Pointer should appear. Additionally, pressing Keys or Mouse
Buttons while playing a video will sometimes make the screen "DVIDEO" go in front and
freeze up the system… I tried some degraders, switching back to old chipsets,
switching off Parts of the MEM, but with no effect at all. What does this

*Siegbert Mueller, stud.phil  * University of Passau
  *email: muell…     * Germany

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MMX Technology


Would anyone here happen to know if the new MMX technology being
implemented into the new Pentium processors will benefit multimedia
software, i.e. smoother animations on pc systems.

Thanks — Dewey

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