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Problem with Scala published script !

We are licenced users of Scala MM200 here in the city of
Chennai in India. Having purchased through SHAF Broadcasting

We are currently developing a CD-ROM titled "Prarthana". The total
contents of the CD is about 580MB. After publishing the script
alone is about 2MB in size. We recorded the published contents on a
HP-SureStore CD-R media.

We encounter the following problem –

When the above CD was tested in a 166MHz MMX System with 32
MB RAM, 36x CD-ROM drive and Windows 95, except for the starupscreen
the script does not load at all. However when we transfered the
contents onto the hardisk the script loads after a long time and

We have tested the CD on non-MMX systems and encouter the same problem

On the same systems other CD’s seem to work very well probably
developed with other authoring softwares.

Help !

Guru Jyothi

Email p.sat…

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Announce: X BitMap DataType 43.2


Short:    X BitMap DataType
Uploader: dm… (Deok-Min Yun)
Author:   dm… (Deok-Min Yun)
Type:     util/dtype
Requires: Workbench 3.0 or better
Version:  43.2


  XBM DataType


  – Added: Transparency support. It currently only works with IBrowse. I
    tested against demo versions of VoyagerNG 2.88 and AWeb 3.1 and found
    out that they both don’t support transparency for datatype pictures.
    Thanks to Andreas Kleinert for his comment about this in his akPNG_DT.
  – Added: New e-mail address at MailExcite.


  The following is an excerpt from XBM specification.

                        XBM – X BitMap Format

  XBM is a native file format of The X Window System and is used for
  storing cursor and icon bitmaps that are used in the X GUI. XBM files
  are quite different in that they are actually C language source files
  that are created to be read by a C compiler rather than a graphical
  display program.

  XBM was created by the X Consortium as part of the X Window
  System. Refer to the /bitmaps directory of the X Window distribution
  for examples of XBM files.

  There is another XBM datatype included with AMS datatypes package by
  Commodore but after using recent versions of ‘SetPatch’ from Amiga Intl.
  it was producing corrupted images. If the old one still works for you,
  then you do not need to install this datatype as there is no real gain
  from it.


  Name   : Deok-Min Yun
  E-Mail : dm…
  WWW    :

  My other programs include,

  MrMPEG    : GUI frontend for MPEGA using MUIRexx.
  MrMIDI    : GUI frontend for GMPlay using MUIRexx.
  KLS       : Korean Locale System for Amiga.
  CUR2ILBM  : Windows cursor/icon to ILBM converter.
  Aminet2DB : Aminet RECENT, CSV, TSV converter.


Deok-Min Yun                              – —    – —  —-  –
3rd Yr BCM Student, University of WA     / | | \  / |  |  |      | \
E-Mail:    dm…         /–| |  \/  |  |  |  — |–\
           dm…           /   | |      |  |  |    | |   \
           dm…       –    - –      - —  —-  -    -
Home Page:

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Looking for a good selection of animations, brushes, backdrops, colorfonts for Scala.
Then purchase Virual Computer pets – software explosion 2 CD ROM. Do not be put
off by the CD title. The quality is extremely high. No shovelware here. You will
probably heard of Blue Rose Colorfonts in the public domain. Here is a selection I
have never seen before.If you thought Kara colorfonts were good, then prepare
yourself for a shock. I personally rate them better quality than Kara. Correct me if
I’m wrong, but the PC does not support any form of colorfonts. One up the Amiga!
Pee Cee owners are not forgotten on this CD. Plenty stuff for them as well.
Can’t tell you how much this CD cost, as it was given free when bought with other
cdroms. Being a canny Scot, I recognize a bargain when I see one!  
Source: Epic Marketing  0500 131 486. Overseas orders +44 1793 490988

Surf into Scala web site the other night. Not much evidence of the
Amiga here. Is the  Pee Cee the new lady in your life? Are we heading
for a divorce?

My 1.2Gb hard drive is getting pretty full up with all these fonts, backdrops, etc for
Scala. Reading briefly through the March issue What Video & TV magazine. In the
computer video page, they say that 16Gb &23Gb hard drives will be available soon.
Follow in late  summer with 47Gb drive. Before I get tore apart with 4Gb limit on
Amiga, we will use IDE Fix to overcome that problem. The downside is that they
are expensive. Hope my lottery numbers come up on Saturday night. Dream on!

William Fleming

E-Mail: flea…

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Powerproblem Amiga 1200 – Genlock

Hello over there

Iám calling from Sweden and I need an external power supply to my genlock
Videomaster VM -2 -P made by VidTech International Inc. Miami Florida
(about 1993).
The problem is that the firm has closed down and I haven´t the tecnical
for the 5-pin DIN-connector to the external power input.
Pleace, is there anyone who may have access to that device or can give me a
tip in any way?


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Video Titling – Help

Please help I,m trying to do some simple video titling using the great
ScalaMM300 freebie given away in CU Amiga last month.

I have a A1200 with a Commmodore 1084S monitor

Can someone please tell me how to set up my system with a VCR, what
leads have to go where, to allow me to put some titles onto a tape

Or can you direct me to another news group that maybe able to help me

Please send answers to my email address

Many Thanks in advance

Pete Burgon – Keep the Amiga alive – bur…
Kickstart (the Surrey Amiga User group)
A1200/30/50Mhz  Workbench 3.0  2Mb Chip  8MB FastRam
2x Archos CD-Rom  122Mb HD
Techno+ Superhighway 33.6
connected via NetConnect and Enterprise

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Transparent buttons in ScalaMM300 ?

Hello all,

I got Cu-Amiga Scala MM300 (great, nice one CU)

I had allready done some MultiMedia Scrrens that could be used but I
had drawn the buttons on as part of the Background pic.

I loaded it up in to Scala, then I tryed to put a circle button on the
background. It appeared BLack so I tryed to fiddle with the colour
settings but to no aval. Then I clicked on LAYOUT and I saw a button
called Transparent I selected it but It did sod all :(

Please help me

Regs Phil.

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CU-Amiga MM300 – how limiting is PAL mode for NTSC users?

Hi, I’m in the US and have been following the thread about the MM300 that
came on the February CU-Amiga. A poster (don’t have their name handy,
sorry) noted the software wouldn’t be very useful to them since it was the
PAL version.

My US A3000 can switch to PAL mode for some applications and games
successfully — and cannot, for some others. Is this PAL Scala less useful
because it’s: unworkable as packaged; because it doesn’t conform to US
(NTSC) television standards; or…?

Doug Simpson

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EX for SCALA MM300

Hello to everyone,

In the last CU magazine, it was included the nice SCALA MM300.

My question is :

Where can I get some other EX to pilot for example a U-MATIC (Pack VCR).

Thank for your answer.
Best Regards

Laurent Mathieu

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WAV player for 2.x or 1.3 Amigas?

Is there a program that will play .WAV samples on an Amiga with 2.x or 1.3

Please also reply via mail.  Our news feed is screwy.

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new developer seeks to switch to amiga platform

From: The Software Guild
To:   ALL

Hello, I have been a fulltime software developer for the C64/128 since
1987. Programming in such languages as BASIC,Assembly,FORTH,GEOS, etc…
My main focus is with assembly only.  I am verbose in 6502 and came
hold my own in intel 80×86 assembly..

I am seeking mature entrepreneur minded individuals with which to engage
in software development. Those not wishing to run a full business and make
a profit need not respond.

P.S. I am also seeking to purchase any necessary or related items to
software development on the Amiga using Assembly including manuals,
software (on CD-ROM preferably), etc… I am fairly green to Amiga
programming, however, I was green to the C64 also and learned what I
to know as I developed my first fullscale application over a 6 month
period. I feel that this transfer will be easy as the assembly mnemonics
of the Amiga are Identical to the macros used in the geoProgrammer
package for the C64. Looking at Amiga Assembly is like looking at my own

Sincerely, Roger Lawhorn

Please direct all email to:

ATTN: Roger

P.S.S. Also seeking Amiga support from anyone living in the Southern
Indiana/Lousiville, Kentucky area. I would also be interested in
multimedia PPC development.

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