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Re: HELP! Sick A3000!

Hello Tonester

> Hello fellow Amigoids,

> I have a sick A3000 I hope someone can help me with.  

> Since setting up my A3000 with a Video Toaster 2000, I had to reduce the
> power drain on the power supply and so I moved my hard drives to an
> external PC case where I also wired a tape drive and CD Rom drive.  The
> problem is that with or without the tape drive and CD ROM hooked up, the
> system won’t boot.  I have one of the original A3000 desktops that
> didn’t have a Kickstart ROM, but the original Kickstart came on a disk.
> My problem:  Can’t find the SuperKickstart disk to load the kickstart
> with so I can get into the OS and troubleshoot further.  

> Does anyone have a SuperKickstart disk for the A3000?  I need it
> desperately to get the machine back up!

I put 3.1 roms in this A3000 and never looked back.  You should do the
same–they are relatively cheap.  Also, with a Toaster, you probably
need a bigfoot PSU or you need to adapt a highpowered PC PSU to your
A3000, external HD’s and CDRom and TapeDrive or not.  Try the rom swap
first though.  With what you have invested in that Toaster, it’s silly
to be running 1.4 roms and kickstarting to 2.0 or 2.1 IMO.  Penny wise
and pound foolish.

Mike Leavitt  ac…  + team Amiga +

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I need help with multimedia business plan

I am currently writing a business plan in order to start a Video Production /
Multimedia development company.  (Basically doing video authoring and digital
editing, CD ROM interactive presentations, animation & graphics, etc.)  I was
wondering if anyone had any suggestions regarding equipment, hardware and
software to purchase and the related costs for this kind of application.  In
other words, what basic equipment do I need?  How much will it cost?  Are there
any books out there that detail the process of starting this type of business?
Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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Help! newbie needs special effects

Hi there,
My name is Wendy, and I’m a third year psychology doctoral student. I am

in desperate need of a computer graphics program that will let me scan
in real photos of people and manipulate their weight in a standardized
and efficient way. I’ve fooled around with Adopbe Photoshop- although
that does let me cut out portions of someone’s body and make it look
bigger or smaller (through visual inspection alone), i’m going to need a

more scientific/standardized way of doing this for my project to fly.  I

think i really need a program which will make it possible for me to
increase someone’s weight by twenty percent or increase their waist to
hip ration by twenty percent. ACK!
Sorry if i’ve gotten the wrong group in making this posting. Any help
would be greatly appreciated!!!
Wendy Walter
P.S. Email back to me at pywal…


< 1K

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Long filenames on CDR's


  I just got hold of a huge amount of mp3′s to record on CD as files. Since I can only make the
recording on a friends PC, I used long Win98 filenames on the mp3 files.
  The problem is, when I got home with my brand new CD, it reads the filenames just as the
old crossdos did with PC files. This means all filenames are stripped after 6 characters, and
then a ~1.extension bit is added to it. This is very annoying since I tested the CD on a PC
using Windoze at it works beautifully.
  I am using AmiCDFS 2.40 to read CD filesystems. Using the SetCDFS utility that came with it, I
can see that the CD was recorded using ISO 9660. The Longnames keyword is activated, but there
are no longnames whatsoever (though I suspect this only works with rockridge formats).
  So… is there a way I can ever get to see those long filenames appear on my Amiga ?

  Thanks in advance! Bye!

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Video & Audio Recording solution wanted

  I am currently looking at various Digital
 Video and Audio Recording options, like
 Sony DV-1000, etc.

  What solutions are there for the Amiga?
 I want to record Syncronized Audio and
 Video streams in high quality from TV,
 or S-VHS.

  I have heard of things like V-Lab, PAR,
 etc.  Any suggestions?

   Lars Nelson    l…

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Announce: Studio 16 and AD516/AD1012 Support Area

Announce: Studio 16 and AD516/AD1012 Support Area

We’ve started a new support area for Studio 16 software and
AD516/AD1012 soundcards on our website.

Among other things, here you will find the developer’s documentation
for Studio 16 and the AD1012/516 sound cards.

From the main page, follow the ‘hands’ link (or click on our monkey’s
hands) through the Amiga Software section to the Studio 16 support area.

As we get the time, we’ll be adding other related information and
files, too.

ENJOY!  And let us know what you think!


  EMail:  dho…

  797 Mitchell Street, Fredericton, NB, E3B 3S8, Canada
  Phone:  (506) 459-7088

******************************** young monkey studios ***

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MPEG video+audio encoder?


can anybody tell me a solution to encode video and audio (digitized
with a Draco) into MPEG 1?


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Streaming video chip info (MMC)

    OK, some cutting and pasting due to copyright info, but here goes…..

"…The single PCI card utilizes  <deleted> powerful 32 bit Java(TM)
microprocessor that enables it to merge as many as 70 three-megabit MPEG-2
program streams over a single DVB channel…"
"…the first general-purpose computer interface capable of real time
multiplexing of a full DVB channel of digital video data streams…"
"…new controller, powered by our <deleted> microprocessor, is the only
product capable of sustaining such speed for delivering voice, video data
and doing so at the lowest cost…."
"…The company manufactures Fibre Channel, HIPPI, Ultra SCSI and DVB
products for such platform vendors as Fujitsu, Tektronix, Digital Equipment
Corporation and Sun Microsystems. These organizations, in turn, sell into
high-end Silicon Graphics/Cray, Compaq/Digital and Sun Microsystems
applications that require extraordinarily high data transfer rates such as
digital video, 3-D seismic and satellite imaging…"

    That’s it. Now let the opposing view begin.


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CG fonts needed

I’m new to the Amiga, and need go get hold of so called Compugraphic fonts (scalable
Can anyone tell me of InterNet resources for downloading such fonts ?

Private mails, please.



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Source for Blitz Basic 2.1 ?

Can anyone point me to a source for the latest version of Blitz Basic, with
manual, in english, and preferably in Canada or the United States ? Please
email me at ck…

– Canadian Music Mail Order Links + –
–  end of transmission  -  -  ottawa, canada  -
– Keep your virtual neighbourhood clean. KEEP SPAM & ILLEGAL PORN OFF !! –

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