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Intel Indeo 3.2 decoder/player/converter?????

I recently found anims in Intel Indeo 3.2 format for which I can’t
find a suitable player for my Amiga.  At least a recent version of
XAnim can… so I could view them on the university’s workstations.  
But at I wish to be able to view them on my Amiga!  (and grab some
scenes).  Is it possible?


Moutos (just a funny nickname)
"And may the AmigaGuide you!"

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ScalaMM 400 problems…

Hello !
I’ve serious problem with ScalaMM400.

First of all, if I have the CyberVision monitor 1.16 (it worked with 1.15)
it gurus when I try to edit a page (but it works fine when playing a script).

Second ScalaMM gurus when I try to lunch it after i’ve lunched PatchControl.
I use PatchControl with MCP and it’s a bit annoying removing it all the
times I’ve to usa scala…

can someone please help me ?

P.S.: Sorry for my terrible english !

ciao, fEdE

<tsb> fEdE:

<sb> Sysop of dOWn tOWn BBS; +39-2-48000352
<sb> Open time: 17:00-3:00 (italian time) during the week, all day long on weekend.
<sb> Running on A4000/40 28mhz, 18 megz RAM, 1.2 giga HD, 4x CDROM,
<sb> CyberVision64 4 megz, USRobotics SportSter 33’6kbps, and much more…

<tsb> Amiga RULEZ!
<tsb> email: fEd…

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Re: Vertical scroll in Scala MM400. Re

 PWM> Can a vertical scroll be done with MM200??
 PWM> (John you can ignore this if you’ve already replied via email)

 PWM> Thanks,
 PWM> Patrick Mackin

 PWM> — Xenolink 1.982, XenolinkUUCP 1.1
 PWM>  * Origin: uva (90:123/100.0)

 One could alway go back to broadcast titler ,wich does verticall scrolls.
— Via Xenolink 1.982, XenolinkUUCP 1.1

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sirrius genlock and Scala

Ok folks,

Tell me if I am wrong.

I bought a sirrius genlock complete with software for Scala and other programs.

I own (that’s not exactly the word I want, but…) ScalaMM400.

Do you think the EX supplied works with Scala?

NOT!  (well with a bit of editing it does)

The EX is for the Neptun genlock (sirrius’ little brother)

Oh no big deal, I guess.

1/ The commodity (or TSR for yo uBIM idiots) makes an arexx port called
neptun and all the scripts on the disk address the port as sirrius.

ha ha ha ha    ROTLWL

Who checked the software?

2/ If you do use the Neptun EX, dispite the lack of audio sliders, you have
the two main ones:  Video and Amiga.

One of them is reversed, or the names are reversed.

either you have to have one OFF to have it ON or the slider labled AMIGA
controls the video and the one labeled VIDEO controls the Amiga.


Well, I could be wrong if the latter case, they may of used negative logic
when labeling the sliders


You be the judge, and tell me if I am wrong.

ED, Scala, I am very dis-appointed in that effort.

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SuperGen library

I dont know if this is the proper place for this, but I am looking for
supergen.library that is later than version 1.xx. I am trying to get
Scala to use the SuperGen, but it wont since the version of the
supergen.library is 1.xx. I tried Play (where Digital Creations went),
but I dont think that they would be of any help. IF you have a later
version of this library, please let me know.


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SCALA it out yet

Just a quick question…MM100 for the PC was supposed to be released in May.
 Its now the 2nd.  Does anyone know if its actually available?

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Latest Scala Version

Hi, John.  I got a question for you.  If it sounds like a dumb one,
forgive me.

What’s the latest version of Scala?  The one I have is the first version,
i.e. no ability to load sound samples or modfiles with it.  I happen to
like Scala, because it’s the most easiest authoring system software I know
that’s out there.  Frankly, I’m tempted to put in back in my hard drive
system to replace InovaTronic’s CanDo (since Inova is no longer around),
but I wonder if I am better served to get the latest version so I can have
my brother’s graphics shown the same time my original music mods are

Anyway, it’s good to see a great program like Scala is still around.

   __ ///      Fido: 1:202/122.0          -= The Mouse Trap BBS =-
   \\X//             1:202/121.0             San Diego, CA  USA
    \X/        Data: (619)-464-2134     Serving Amiga Owners Since 1987

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CyberChat // CyberChat // CyberChat // CyberChat // CyberChat

Tired experiencing untimely delays when chatting on the Internet?  Is your curiosty getting the
better of you?

Here’s your chance to do something about it!

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        1 – 809 – 474 – 4437

Only long distance charges apply for this call.  Must be 18 years of age or older.

This service brought to you by Top Communications.

Call CyberChat now!

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Delfina Sound System: PROGRAMMERS WANTED! Grab cash with your Ami!

Chaos Systems is a Dutch-based Amiga retailer / Amiga hard- & software
CS also sells Amiga-based sound-systems for DJ’s and producers and is now
developing a DSP-based hard-disk recording program for Delfina.
All in cooperation with Petsoff Limited partnership, the Delfina’s hardware

We are going to build one kick-ass Amiga sound-sequencer!
Who can help?

Features are:

- Delfina 16-bit 48KHz sampling / playback
– AHI retargetable audio
– Delfina Motorola DSP 56002 @ 40 MHz, 20 MIPS.
– Multichannel mixing and DSP effects.
– Friendly user-interface, 2.0+ and 1MB+ compatible.
– Shareware, SE and Pro versions.

Programmers required
– C (& Asm) coder capable of integrating quickly C/Asm routines, working      
  efficiently and capable of managing a international team.
– C/Asm coders capable of producing GUI/sound/etc. routines quickly,
  based on requirements.
– Delfina-effect programmers (56002 DSP mixing – compiler at the ftp-site.)
– Betatesters (Delfina-owners – you’ll get a free full version for testing!)
  with a designer’s / hacker’s mind.
– Anyone else who thinks he can help us build the best in sound.
– Amiga-minded, hard core coders only!

Interested? Contact CS by e-mail – NOW!
No time to waiste, the project is to start immediately.

We offer our beta-testers a free version, our programmers will receive
50% of the profit made on sales in royalties monthly!!!
Our best DSP coders can make use of a actual Delfina.

PLP ftp-site: <>
PLP main site: <>

-[ SIGNED: ——————————————————————.
|                                                                             |
|  Mario Heliczer                   OFFICE NL:  Chaos Systems                 |
|                                               Watermolen 18                 |
|  Managing Director & Sales Manager            NL-1622 LG Hoorn (NH)         |
|  Chaos Systems                                The Netherlands               |
|                                                                             |
|  VOICE/ANSWERING MACHINE +31-(0)229-233922    FAX/DATA +31-(0)229-TBA       |
|  WWW:<>  E-MAIL: <mar…>   |
|                                                                             |
|  OUR MOTTO:   -[ Get the best - and why should you pay more? ]-             |
|                                                                             |
`————————————————————————– —’

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Just a quickie,

Has anyone had any joy using Scala MM400 with the OpalVision utilities
Opal HotKey and Opal Presents?

Both of these support REXX control & would be ideal to use with Scala
presentations but I only get a black Opal screen if I try and control
them from within Scala even though if I load an Opal backdrop outside
of Scala it works great.

Anyone any ideas?

Julian Knight, Team Amiga

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