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500 or CPU Accelerators

Amiga 500 accelerators for a menagerie of Science classroom computers.
MUST work with OS 2.04+.
CPU accelerators are fine (ones that plug into CPU socket).
Donations gratefully accepted.
Turbo 28s work great (for the 500 expansion bus).


Jack Furr
North Charleston High School
Science department

Thanks in advance.

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Scala wanted


Is there anybody who wants to sell his Scala MM200 or MM210 (for Amiga
Please let me know

                                        Robert Jan Broer

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Re: Best notation tool ?

> Hello,

> I would like a program to write scores, listen to them and print them.
> I have a save/print -disabled demo version of Deluxe Music II and it
> seem to be adequate for most of my need.

> Are other programs better, Bars and Pipes , Aegis Sonix etc ?

> Where can you buy such programs here in UK, as Amiga dealers are
> rare birds (well … extinct is the word)

> Thanks

> Jac

Dr. T’s Copyist is the only Amiga program I know of that is flexible
enough to do the job.  B&P and Quickscore (Tigercub, KCSII) do not
allow the editing that’s necessary. Deluxe Music  and Sonix are too
primitive.  Copyist does not print out very pretty, however, unless
you also have the Adobe Sonata font and driver and a laser printer.

I do my sequencing with KCS and Tigercub but when I want a print-out I
export the part as a midi file to Band-in-a-Box, a PC program that
runs with PC-Task.  It prints out beautifully on my Epson Stylus
inkjet.  I print the score with Quickscore, but it is not a dead
accurate representation of the individual parts.  This method requires
that you have a track for every part that you want to print.  I
arrange for a local stage band (17 piece) so I have to have 17 tracks,
one for each instrument, saved as midi files.  There are other PC
programs also that are much cheaper than the Mac stuff.  Copyist is an
older PC program that runs under Windows 3.1 and is better than Dr.
T’s Amiga version.  You can find a demo on the net, but print and save
are disabled.


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WTT: My PC for Toaster or Amiga

Will trade my new 686 Computer (faster than a Pentium!)
For one of the following:
* an Amiga 2000 w/ any Toaster Card or
* an Amiga 4000
* a Toaster 4000 Card

My system has the following:
P150+ 686 Processor
16 mb Ram
15" SVGA Monitor (.28 dot pitch)
14.4 Modem
16 bit Sound Card
1 mb Video Card
Windows 95
Multimedia Speakers
In Tower Case and still under warranty

I will consider all trades, even if I have to add a little cash!

Reply to:  danet…

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Hi all

Need help for adding sound to video production without a genlock (i
intent to buy one but now i have a video project and need to add sound
within it) but with the following hardware and other peripherials:

Amiga 1200 – 68030 12 MB
ProGrab 24RT
Aura 12
Folio Notepad (mixer)
Technosound 8bits
CD-Rom 2
several video recorders but none with dubbing mixing or time code
A Panasonic video camera – VHS-C (sound goes to to the video recorder)

Anyone with experience working with ProGrab, Aura samplers and other
can help me?



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Lightwave Animators

Welcome to All in One.

Producing multimedia content for television, film, and the World Wide Web.
We specialize in 3D animations, compositing, character animations
and professional music production.
For more information please email anasta… or visit
We have created animations for:
United Parcel Service
Bally’s Total Fitness
American Express
Lucent Technologies
Simkins Industries
We have done video production for:
The Bayer Corporation
Paxson Communication Group
America’s Interactive Production Network
Doctor Motor Works

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FOR SALE: Montage 24-Bit CG


Innovision Technology’s MONTAGE 24-Bit
(Titling and Graphics software for the Amiga)

Innovision Technology’s MONTAGE Post Script Module
(Converts PostScript Fonts to MONTAGE Fonts for us with MONTAGE 24-Bit

– or BOTH for —

I have all the original documentation and software disks that came
with these items when purchased.

If interested please send me e-mail at the following address:


Jeff Dobies

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CDXL library

i was just wondering if there is anyone that has the ‘cdxl.library’ file and
perhaps an FD. file of the CDXL.library. also is there any public domian
source code as to how to insert a CDXL player into your own programs? any src
code would do.

thank you ..

- Bryon

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The VideoTurtle…


You know who you are . . . .

Proud, defiant, and fanatical owners of computers that are still
unique today. Doing cutting edge things with them, years before
Win-Tel, and making them do things that were only a dream a few
years ago.  We at Turtle Enterprises salute you for your can-do
"never say die" spirit of computing.

Flying in the face of an ever-increasing population of Win-Tel
mediocrity, you use such phrases as "the computer for the creative

Forever will you use them!   And almost as long, will they last!
With new hardware, motherboard replacements, and software always
becoming available, you’re guaranteed years of enjoyment.   The
way computers, real personal computers, were meant to be.

Except for one, tiny, problem!   The one "weak" link.   What about
your aging RGB, TV RGB, monitors?

Oh yeah, those trusty old workhorses are just that, getting old!
Try buying a new one, at a reasonable price!   The ones we’re used
to aren’t made anymore!

"What are you going to do when the well runs dry?"

What are your choices? Somehow, get a used one? Just to face the
same problem again, later?  Repair it yourself? Or, gulp, use a

You could buy a studio-grade RGB monitor, and pay through the nose.
Or just chuck it all and buy a, whisper, Pee-Cee! (NOT!!!)

Is there a replacement for the RGB monitors?   Giving the same
clarity, crispness and resolution. With equal quality to the old?

But, don’t take OUR word for it . . .

"There is a working replacement for those hard-to-find RGB monitors.
It’s called the VideoTurtle."

Yes, the VideoTurtle! What is it? It’s a product that converts
your RGB, known as TV RGB-15.75KHz scan rate for NTSC, into

What is S-Video? It’s an enhanced form of TV. With awesome
clarity and resolution over the "TV" we are all familiar with.

With your computer, the VideoTurtle, and an S-Video equipped TV,
you get equal or BETTER display quality, than your old RGB monitor.
Not only that, you get a much bigger and eye-pleasing display,
and a TV to boot!

Remember, how certain video modes would make your old RGB monitor
say no mas?   Well, with a wink and a smile, VideoTurtle says "more
please." With the VideoTurtle ALL video modes are shown, crisply
and clearly.

How does the VideoTurtle do this?   Well, that is one thing we
can’t tell you. We have to protect our hard work! But, the Video
Turtle does what we say! Need proof?

Marv Birkinbine of Maximum Video Creations recently showed the
VideoTurtle at a fair. One of the more common remarks was
"what type of monitor is this?"

Curious?   Call him at 1-888-MAD-MAXX.

Or, hear what one Amiga user had to say:"For someone who does
not have a monitor, or has a video production setup, it would
be invaluable." Gary Survoy, member Cleveland Area Amiga User Group

A total monitor replacement! Either for average use or for
professional video presentations, the VideoTurtle is for
you! Whether you’re that unique breed of computer user, the
Amiga owner, or a video game junkie using Sega Genesis, you
can experience the same clarity with S-Video and the VideoTurtle.
(The VideoTurtle and the Sega Genesis has been quite an
experience-with eye fatigue eliminated, crisper colors and sharper

Yes, there is a replacement. . .

The VideoTurtle, from Turtle Enterprises, can be purchased for
$149.95 from one of it’s authorized distributors, such as Tex
Comp Ltd. To order all 1-800-846-3474. For technical information
on TV RGB systems we haven’t mentioned, or general technical help,
call 1-626-967-3341. Turtle Enterprises can be reached via
email: videotur…

With the price of a VideoTurtle, and say a 20" S-Video TV, compared
to a brand-new 14" TV RGB monitor, your total price is only a little
more than the new monitor. But, go to the larger size monitors, 17"
and up, you will save a substantial amount of change!

Money that can be better spent on your own system, to continue
thumbing your nose at those "other" computers. To keep on being the
"elite extremist fringe group" that the "experts" have called you!

Got TV RGB?   You just have to get the VideoTurtle!

"Your eyes have never seen a monitor so big or a TV so clear"

" A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for
adversity." Proverbs 17:17
"Your eyes have never seen a monitor so big or a
TV so clear!" – VideoTurtle

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PhotoGenics (Reg. #)from Amiga Mag last Fall

  Last October or so, one of the euro mags (Amiga Computing or Amiga
Format)  had a cover disk that included PhotoGenics 1.2a.  I just now
tried to install it and it’s asking for a registration # from the
magazine.  And I can’t find the magazine (I might have given it away).
Does anybody have the issue or the reg. # from the mag?


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