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Toaster 4K, Kitchen Sync, Single Frame VCR for sale!

Subject: FS: Toaster 4000, Kitchen Sync, Sanyo GVR-S950 SFR SVHS VCR
Organization: Southeast Network Services, Inc.

Barely used!

Toaster 4000 card for the Amiga series computers, w/ all discs, original
box, etc.


Kitchen Sync TBC card, dual input/output w/ everything.


Sanyo GVR-S950 Single Frame Recording SVHS VCR, w/ Amiga link & Amiga &
PC controller software (Toaster compatible!)


(S&H not included,)

or, $3000 takes it all!

Thanks for looking! Let me know!


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1200 for sale

a1200 for sale.. best offer.. stock everything..


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Amiga ANI conversion -> MPG/AVI

Does anyone know of a package on the PC that will play and/or convert old
Amiga ANI animations (these, I think are from Deluxe Paint) into some PC or
MAC format like Mpeg, AVI, MOV etc?

If so, please email me at solom…

Your help MUCH appreciated!

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Future Video Edit Control – Amiga

I have a Future Video MK?? TC edit controller. It is the last version of
future video’s stand alone controllers – with time code and A/B sync
anyway – a one point, there was (according) to Future Video a Amiga
software contoller for this unit (it has a serial port). I believe it was
called "cyberedit" or something like that. It is no longer (of course)
offered by Future Video, they couldn’t tell me where, who what or

I would love to get a hold of a copy…..


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Scala Varibles and Execute

I have MM400 (full version, dongled) and I need to play CD’s. I can
get the CD playing, no problems but if I return to the page that
started the CD it stops and then starts again because it is running
the CDPlay command. Is there a way to get the varibles talking to each
other ie. If CDPlaying = 0 then Execute CDPlay.

Please can any1 help, I am in desperate need…

What has four legs and an Arm?…
A Happy Pitbull!!!

Samuel Castillo
IAmTheKing on #netconnect
port 6667

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Toaster 4K on Ami2K…

Hey folks!  Just got my new system, and I’m thrilled!  But, I do have a
few questions about it.  Here’s what I got-

Amiga 2000
Toaster 4000 (Original, 2.0, and 3.1 software)
2.04 ROMs
VGA Flickerfixer (forget model)
GVP 030/50 Combo with 12 meg of ram
MegaCHIP 2000 (2 Meg chip ram)
Commodore 1960 Monitor
Image FX 2.6

Use- video production (real time) with 3 cameras.


What upgrades are of primary importance here and in what order?  (My
thoughts being new to the Amiga world are to upgrade the ROMs to 3.1  
then the software to 4.1, then the accelerator depending on what’s
available once I have enough money.)

Does the 2000 limit the ability of the Toaster 4000 card?  Should I just
look for a 4000 to put the toaster in instead of upgrading?

How does the DPS Personal TBC II work (where do the BNC cords have to run
to and from?) ?  This is the only item that didn’t have a manual with it.  
What are the phone jack (RJ-11 I believe) and the toggle switch on the
card for?

Lastly, what other software/hardware is recommended to invest in to make
this a better system?  I’m not concerned with going Flyer or producing
episodes of Babylon 5, just getting a system that will help me ace a
video production class this spring!  (Also, looking for more
wipes/fades/etc on disk!  Or even from a website!  E-mail me at
steven.murphy at if you have anything of interest!)

Thanks folks!  I tried to keep the crossposting limited to relevent

Stev Murphy

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Frame Graber


Can you help my Grandfather, he needs info on this:

Frame Graber by Progressive Peripherals & software.

Rev A.
Serial Number  Ser. 22-105

Have Replaced (transistors) Q12, Q13, and Q14 (with Jobber transistors).
Have Replaced (Signal Diodes) CR7, CR8, CR9 and Cr10 (With Jobber Signal
Need to know Original Manufacturers No. on transistors for Q12, Q13 and
Also need to know Original Manufacturers No. on Signal Diodes for CR7,
CR8, CR9
and CR10.
Or, would like to get a complete Schematic for the above frame graber.

The Frame Graber may be damaged by hooking up to the wrong cables.
(the cables were supplied).

Signal coming through shows on "scope" but it is to weak to drive the

Signal that comes through to the monitor is all "Red"

Thank you,


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