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Re: Help Needed on Tech Amiga Q.

CU Amiga Magazine published information and a small circuit board was
attached to the mag that allowed you to build an infrared controller.  It
could be used to control the amiga or the amiga could control other
infrared devices.

I no longer have the mag, and I don’t remember which issue but it is out

if anyone remembers the issue could they inform us please.


Clockmeister <gerry…> wrote in article

- — -

> Try posting in comp.sys.amiga.hardware, your chances of finding someone
> with experience in this sort of thing are greatly enhanced.

> Regards,

> Clockmeister.

> Wombat. <wom…> wrote in article
> <3639B9C3.MD-1.0.wom…>…
> > Hi there..

> > Dose anyone out there know of any sort of Device (Pref Home Made) that
> > can be conected to a Remot control for models that can be used for the
> > Amiga.??

> > I know there was one a few years back from some company selling the
> > AeroChopper software..   RC flight Sim  thing..

> > As i have an old Transmiter, it would not be any problem to just hack
> > it to bits and build something out of the Pots inside…

> > or is there anyone out there who can help, in the tech side of this.??
> > Hope so..

> > Regards
> > Wombat.

> > —
> > —————————————————————
> >                         Wom…                      
> >      
> > —————————————————————

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The Future Shock 2 CD last 100..

THe Future Shock 2 music CD that you can play anywhere on any player
for $8 +$2 shipping for all and everybody in the Amiga community
direct from Austin Texas…
It’s Amiga made electronic based music the original 1994 Release
with the game soundtrack from ‘ScorchedTanks’
yea it’s an old old CD..
I’m sure you will love it.. and since this is the last batch
they are nearly gone.   visit
for more info on this .. and i’ll sign it
Harv your CDs are on the way..
Eric G

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Large hard drive problem

I know this has been addressed before, but I just added a 5.5 gig. ide
drive to a Amiga 4000.  It installed fine and partioned into 3
partitions.  but after rebooting 1 or 2 of the partitions becomes
unformatted. I reformat again and they may or may not stay corrected.
Is this the size problem people have spoken about? should I just create
1-  2 gig partition and wait for the 3.5 OS?  I don’t want to rely on
these partions if things will go crazy down the road.

Thanks for any help
Steve Newbert
AOV Productions

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FS:Scala MM 400 s/w

Scala MM 300 w/ ver. 400 upgrade complete with Manuals & dongle. MINT
condition. $100 shipping included. Email JohnM43…

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Scala question….

can anyone point me to a Scala newsgroup?
I have ScalaMM300 on my A3000 and want to know
if this program can use Zorro graphics and audio, or is it restricted to
the Amiga graphics chip and Paula 8-bit audio?
Thanks for your help,

Anthony Catley
Western Australia
member of AUGWA

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A different Scala Question

I have scala mm300 and I can’t get it to work because it needs the

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AVI animation

Hello all,

    I have recently completed a Lightwave animation… it’s nothing
major, but I wanted to let my girlfriend see it… she has a PC, and
after having discarded MPEG as an anim format due to its evil
compression (there is some fine detail, and it runs at 640×480), I
decided to go for AVI or QT…. I have found a number of players for
these formats (MooVid for my PIV or the MAVI system), but does anyone
know of a prog/util/anything that will allow me to ENCODE and AVI or
quicktime movie?

    Failing that, does anyone know of any other anim format I might
encode on an Amiga, as view on a PC? "Here, these are the frames I
rendered for you, stick them together youself if you want to see them"
somehow lacks in romance…

    thanks in advance to anyone able to offer help/…


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Setting Up A4000

This covers a number of areas where I am seeking help/advice…

Assuming an A-4000 class computer…

How do I do 16 bit pro audio editing?  Does it require a specific sound

How do I hook it into an Ethernet coax network with PCs  running
Microsoft Network on Windows 95?   What hardware?  What drivers?

What bout a cd-rom?  Assuming the A-4000 has a scsi port, can you hook a
standard PC style scsi cd unit into it,  or does it require something

I have a new WACOM tablet I’d like to move over to the Amiga.  What are
the odds I can make it work?

What’s the easiest and most cost effective way to boost the
speed/performance of an A-4000?

Thanks to all for their help!

Dane S. Udenberg

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WTB: PC Grayscale Quickcam

Anybody got a PC Grayscale Quickcam camera new or second hand, one
that plugs into the Parallel port.

e-mail a… without the *

In a World Without Walls and Fences

 Who Needs Windows and Gates

———–== Posted via Deja News, The Discussion Network ==———-       Search, Read, Discuss, or Start Your Own    

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Ipix Viewer, Interactive Pictures have no dedicated Amiga viewer.

Please excuse my major crossposting, as this is mainly for programmers, but
I think the groups I’ve posted to are the most appropriate.  I want to have
an Ipix veiwer for the Amiga but I don’t know how to go about it.

I’ve been talking to Interactive Pictures about their Ipix image format.

It is a full 360 degree image that can only be viewed by software and I’ve
not seen anything else like it.

I think it would a fantastic addition to the Amiga.

How would you like to create an image on a 360 degree sphere viewed from
the centre, or an image capture of your favourite 3D game?

I’m not a programmer but I do like 3D games (especially space games) and
graphic design.  I imagine a static image of a 3D space game (Explorer
2260?) that gives a view from the cockpit of the fighter that allows you to
look around, a full 360 degrees, up down and around, at a spectacular
moment in time.  Putting you in the cockpit rather stuck looking out the
one window.  I mean, if your in the middle of a battle, wouldn’t you like
to be able to see what’s happening behind you as well?

At this stage I’ve been talking to Interactive Pictures about putting Ipix
images into my website and as a big part of it is to be for Amiga users I
wanted to have a viewer for the Amiga. But they’ve since written back
saying that they only have them for Mac, Windows and JAVA formats.  There
are veiwers for just about every other image type on the amiga but this one
is missing, and as far as I know it’s unique in that it has to be viewed
electronically.  Can anyone help?

At the moment Interative Pictures is really only using it to advertise Real
Estate and other places people might visit, but I think the above idea is a
far better use for it.

Anyone who can help, please reply to this posting.

with thanks,


If for some strange reason you have a Mac or Winblows but want to see what
I’m harping about, the site is:

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