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Help finding Michiel den Outer – NTitler Fame

I have been involved in an intensive search for Michiel den Outer to register
his Navigator software, four of the best programs I have ever seen on Aminet:

        Fast Morpher

Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessfull, and am looking for any help you can
provide, either to contact him to register these programs, or if he no
longer supports them, help in obtaining registration numbers.

I think it is a shame to let such talent go without attention, and would like
very much to promote these programs to other interested Amiga users…

Thanks for any help you can provide…

PS, sorry for cross posting, but I am getting despirate to see these programs
in their full glory!

M. Brown

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Make Money Fast And Easy

Hello, My Friends..

I Found This Mail On A Bulletin Board And Decided To Try It.

You Can  Make Thousands Of Dollars Within Weeks With Only An Initial
Investment Of $6.00!

So I Thought, "Yeah Right, This Must Be A Scam",
But Like Most Of Us, I Was Curious, So I Kept Reading. Anyway, It
Said That
You Send $1.00 To Each Of The 6 Names And Addresses Stated In The
You Then Place Your Own Name And Address At The Bottom Of The List
At #6, And Post The Article To At Least 200 Newsgroups.
(There Are Thousands). No Catch, That Was It. So After Thinking
It Over And Talking To A Few People At First, I Thought About Trying
I Figured "What Have I Got To Lose Except 6 Stamps And $6.00,
Then, I Invested The Measly $6.00.

Well, GUESS WHAT!!!! Within 7 Days,
I Started Getting Money In The Mail!!!
I Was Shocked. I Figured It Would End Soon, But The Money
Just Kept Coming In. In My First Week, I Made About $25.00.
By The End Of The Second Week,I Had Made A Total Of Over $1000.00!!
In The Third Week, I Had Over $10,000 And Its Still Growing. This Is
Now My
Forth Week And I Have Made A Total Of Just Over $42,000 And Its Still
In Rapidly. Its Certainly Worth $6.00 And 6 Stamps, I’ve Spent More
That On The Lottery!!

Let Me Tell You How This Works And Most Importantly, Why It
Make Sure You Print A Copy Of This Article NOW, So You Can Get The
Information From It As You Need It. I Promise You That
If You Follow The Directions Exactly, That You Will Start Making More
Than Thought Possible By Doing Something So Easy! Suggestion: Read
Entire Article Carefully!
(Print It Out Now Or Download It)

Follow The Simple Instructions And Watch The Money Come In! It Easy,
Most Importantly,Its LEGAL. And Your Investment Is Only $6.00 (Plus
IMPORTANT: This Is Not A Rip-Off; It Is Not Indecent ;It Is Not
Illegal, And
It Is Virtually No Risk – It Really Works!!!!
If All Of The Following Instructions Are Adhered To, You Will Receive
PLEASE NOTE: Please Follow The Following Instructions, And $50,000
Or More Can Be Yours In 20 To 60 Days.
This Program Remains Successful Because Of The Honesty And Integrity
Of The
Participants. Please Continue Its Success By Carefully Adhering To The
Instructions. You Will Now Become Part Of The Mail Order Business.

Here Are The 4 Easy Steps To Success:

STEP 1:Get 6 Separate Pieces Of Paper And Write The Following On Each
Of Paper:
Place ONE
Inside Each Of The 6 Pieces Of Paper So The Bill Will Not Be Seen
The Envelope (To Prevent Thievery). Next, Place One Paper Inside EACH
Of The
6 Envelopes And Seal Them. MAKE SURE

You Should Now Have 6 Sealed Envelopes, Each With A Piece Of Paper
Stating The Above  Phrase, Your Name And Address, And A $1.00 Bill.
What You Are Creating Is A Service. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY LEGAL!
You Are Requesting A Legitimate Service And You Are Paying For It!
Like Most
Of Us, I Was A Little Skeptical And A Little Worried About The Legal
Of It All.

So I Checked It Out With The US Post Office (1-800-725-2161)And
They Confirmed It Is Indeed Legal! Mail The Six Envelopes To The
Following Addresses:

1) T. Gray, 72 Broadleaf Avenue, Bishops Stortford,
       Herts., CM23 4JZ, United Kingdom
2) J. Fugate P.O.Box 6638 Evansville, In 47719-0638
3) M. Sadique, BB-G-9 Jln 4/14B, Pandan Indah 55100, KL, MALAYSIA.
4) R. Boyle, 5915 ValleyWay Apt.#1 Niagara,Falls,Ont,Canada,L2E1X
5) Vladimir Bojic, Stanka Paunovica 70/18, Belgrade, 11000, Yugoslavia
6) Branko Brkljac, Sremskih boraca 83/12, Zemun, 11080, Yugoslavia

STEP 2: Now Take The #1 Name Off The List That You See Above,
Move The Other Names Up (6 Becomes 5, 5 Becomes 4, Etc…) And Add
YOUR Name As #6 On The List.

STEP 3:Change Anything You Need To, But Try And Keep This Article As
To The Original As Possible. Now, Post Your Ammended Article To At
Least 200
Newsgroups. (I Think There Are Close To 24,000 Groups). All You Need
Is 200,
But Remember,The More You Post, The More Money You Make!


This Is Perfectly Legal! If You Have Any Doubts, Refer To Title 18
Sec. 1302
& 1341 Of The Postal Lottery Laws. Keep A Copy Of These Steps For
And Whenever You Need Money, You Can Use It Again And Again. BUT
REMEMBER, That This Program Remains Successful Because Of The Honesty
Integrity Of The Participants And By Their Carefully Adhering To The
Instructions. Look At It This Way; If You Are Of Integrity, This
Will Continue And The Money So Many Others Have Received Will Come
Your Way.

Note: You May Want To Retain Every Name And Address Sent To You,
Either On A
Computer Or Hard Copy And Keep The Notes
People Send You. This Verifies That You Truly Are Providing A Service.
Also,It Might Be A Good Idea To Wrap The $1.00 Bill In Dark Paper To
The Risk Of Mail Theft. So, As Each Post Is Downloaded And The
Carefully Followed, Six Members Will Be Reimbersed For Their
As A List Developer With One Dollar Each.
Your Name Will Move Up The List Geometrically So That When Your
Name Reaches The #1 Position, You Will Be Receiving Thousands Of
Dollars In CASH!!! What An Investment For Only $6.00
($1.00 For Each Of The People Listed Above)Send It NOW, Add Your Own
And Address And You’re In Business!!


STEP 1: You Do Not Need To Retype This Entire Letter
To Do Your Own Posting. Simply Put Your Cursor At The Beginning Of
Letter And Drag Your Cursor To The Bottom Of This Document, And Select
"Copy" From The Edit Menu. This Will Copy The Entire Letter Into The
Computers Memory.

STEP 2: Open A Blank "Notepad" File And Place Your Cursor At The
Top Of The Blank Page. From The "Edit" Menu, Select "Paste". This
Will Paste
A Copy Of The Letter Into Notepad So That You Can Add Your Name To
The List.

STEP3: Save Your New Notepad File As A .Txt File. If You Want To Do
Postings In Different Settings, You Will Always Have This File To Go

STEP4:Use Netscape Or Internet Explorer And Try Searching For Various
Newsgroups (On-Line Forums, Message Boards, Chat Sites,Discussions.)

Step5:Visit These Message Boars And Post This Article As A New
Message By
Highlighting The Text Of This Letter And Selecting Paste From The
Edit Menu.
Fill In The Subject (This Will Be The Header Everyone Sees As They
Through The List Of Postings In A Particular Group, Click The Post

Congratulations, THAT’S IT!!! All You Have To Do Is Jump To Different
Newsgroups And Post Away, After You Get The Hang Of It, It Will Take
30 Seconds For Each  Newsgroup!

That’s IT! You Will Begin Receiving Money From Around The World
Within Days.
You May Eventually Want To Rent A P.O Box Due To The
Large Amount Of Mail You Will Receive. If You Wish To Remail
Anonymous, You
Can Invent A Name To Use, As Long As The Postman Will Deliver It.

Say, I Receive Only 5 Replies (A Very Low Example).
So Then, I Made $5.00 With My Name At Number 6 On The Letter. Now,
Each Of Those 5 People Who Just Sent Me $1.00 Make The MINIMUM 200
Postings, Each With My Name At #5 On The List, And Only 5 People
Respond To Each
Of The Original 5, That Is Another $25.00 For Me
Now Thsoe 25 People Each Make 200 MINIMUM Posts
With My Name At #4 On The List And Only  5 Replies Each, I Will
Bring In An Additional $125.00! Now Those 125 People Turn Around And
Post The MINIMUM 200 Postings With My Name At #3 On The List And Only
Receive 5 Replies Each, I Will Make An Additional $626.00! Okay, Now
Here Is
The Fun Part Each Of Those 626 People Post  A MINIMUM 200 Letters
With My
Name At #2 And They Each Only Receive 5 Replies That Just Made Me
Those 3,125 People Deliver This Message To 200 Newsgroups With My
Name At
#1, And If Still Only 5 People Per 200 Newsgroups React, I Will
$15,625.00. With An Initial Investment Of ONLY $6.00. AMAZING!!! When
Name Is No Longer On The List, You Just Take The Latest Posting In The
Newsgroups, And Send Out Another $6.00 To Names On The List, Putting
Name At #6 Again. And Start Posting Again.

The Thing To Remember Is: Do You Realise That Thousands Of People
All Over The World Are Joining The Internet And Reading  These
JUST Like You Are Now!!

So, Can You Afford $6.00 And See If It Really Works???
I Think So…People Have Said "What If The Plan Is Played Out And
No One Sends You The Money?"
So What! What Are The Chances Of That Happening  When There Are
Thousands Of
New Honest People  Who Are Joining The Internet Everyday And Are
Willing To
Give It A Try?
Estimates Are At 20,000 To 50,000 New Users Everyday With Thousands
Of Those
Joining The Actual Internet. Remember, Play FAIRLY And HONESTLY And
Will Really Work.
You Might Have Been Already Thinking How You  Are Going To Stop
People From Copying This Message With  Their Name At #6 And Not
Sending A Dollar To The First Six On The List. Here’s The Deal. The
People Own The Rights To This Service, Now They Aren’t The Only Ones
Who Own
These Rights. To Get These Rights, You Have To Purchase Them From The
People On The List.
Why Do You Have To Purchase Them From All 6 You Ask? Thats What Makes
Service Work. If You Decide To Break These Rules, That’s When It
Illegal, And That Is Why You Must Be Fair To Everyone!
This Is Like, So AWESOME!! So TRY It Right NOW! Okay?
Make Huge Bucks In Just A Few Short Weeks!


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SCALA MM400 Genlock Pbm

I have an Amiga 2000 with a Video Toaster 2.0 card in it. I used to use the
genlock extensively with SCALA, but not anymore. I go to the Toaster’s
utility drawer, select "Genlock," hold the control key down and press the F7
key, and run SCALA MM400. It outputs fine for about three minutes, then all
I get is TV snow with the outlines of some of the SCALA text from my

I long suspected this was a hardware problem but now I’m not so sure. I
launched ADPro 2.5 and the Toaster genlock held the image for more than half
an hour, when I decided to shut it down.

Any ideas about what causes this? SCALA is a great presentation program I
want to take better advantage of — but can’t.

Greg Brown
Greensboro, North Carolina

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Edit Controller and Compulink

Hi Amiga Video Folks,

I’ve just acquired a couple of JVC SVHS decks with a compulink ‘hole’ (I
assume it’s similar to a mono audio mini female connection).

I also have a FutureVideo EC 1000PRO/PLU "Automatic Editing Controller"
which has a 7-pin mini-din connector (three, actually, one for a
recorder, one for a player, and one for serial connection (control?)).

Is there some way to interface this edit controller to the SVHS decks?

I also understand there’s software for this (older model) edit
controller for the Amiga. Any idea as to availability, sources
(FutureVideo is concentrating on their newer products and not much info
was on their site), etc.??

Thanks!! I’d like to be able to put all this together and use it for
some simple editing. I also have a Video Toaster which somehow has to
figure into the picture.


PS, if there’s no way to interface this edit controller to the decks,
how can I control the decks independently (since they are the same and
obviously using the remote would pause both at the same time, not very
useful)? I’m sure there must be other people making do with ‘prosumer’
rather than professional decks on a budget like me, who have solved some
of these problems.

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I wanna download deathbed vigil, but me no findee!

Man i have looked all over google-land and no soap.
Where can i find "deathbed Vigil video" for download?

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Help Paul Nolan And Photogenics!

Found this on AmiBench. You US folks want to get your fingers out and
help on this one:


Help Paul Nolan And Photogenics!

Paul Nolan, CEO
Paul Nolan Software Inc.
619 839 3803

Urgently Needed: Photogenics Receipts/Reviews/Adverts from America
prior to 1998

I’m fighting a bit of a trademark battle here, and I need to put
together hard evidence that Photogenics was marketed and sold in the
US prior to 1998, or risk losing the name I have become so attached
to. My case is sound and I am certain I will prevail, but your
assistance could help to decisively settle the matter.

A receipt showing the purchase of Photogenics 1.x or 2.0 in America
would be ideal evidence. If you purchased an Amiga 1200 or 4000 that
came with Photogenics as part of the Amiga Magic pack, or a
CyberVision64 that came with the Lite version of Photogenics, or even
the free version of Photogenics 1.2 that was on the cover of Amiga
Computing, I would be very grateful to hear from you. You can submit
your details by clicking here. Even if you don’t have your
receipt, your registration will still be helpful.

If anyone has an American magazine reviewing Photogenics, advertising
it’s sale (possibly in an advert from Zipperware or Safe Harbor), or
even just mentioning it in the news section, I would like to purchase
it. The August or December 1995 issue of Amazing Amiga would be a
prime example. A non-US magazine can’t be used as evidence, unless you
have a receipt proving you purchased it in the US.

Photogenics is my life’s work, and I would be greatly saddened if I
were to lose the right to the name, so any help in this matter would
be really appreciated.

Paul Nolan




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Looking for free streaming server

I’m looking for a free video streaming server (username/password-based) to
put my videofiles on.

Can anyone tell me exactly how to make a .ram-file to put on my web-site?


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g-lock + scala

hi i search for people whit g-lock.
i have some question about g-lock use whit scala.
pleas contact me at to…

i wanna learn and i need help whit this!


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Announce: ImageFX Support Area

Announce: ImageFX Support Area

young monkey studios is pleased to announce a support area for Nova
Design’s ImageFX software.

Among many other things, you’ll find:

- Commander (customizable GUI for ImageFX)
– ARexx/AutoFX scripts
– hundreds of FXForge filters
– loaders for the Sony Mavica’s 411 image files.
– loaders for the National Library of Medicine’s Visible Human Project.

As we get the time, we’ll be adding other related information and
files, too.

ENJOY!  And let us know what you think!

mailto:dho…    -
797 Mitchell Street, Fredericton, NB, E3B 3S8, Canada
Phone:  (506) 459-7088
————————————– young monkey studios —

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Announce: Amiga Magazine Indexes On-Line

Announce: Amiga Magazine Indexes On-Line

Tired of searching through 100s of magazines looking for that article
or review you need?  We are too!

Over the past years we’ve been compiling indexes of articles and
reviews from magazines that we read and/or subscribe to.  Now that we
are on the WWW we are bringing these listings to you.

The indexes are categorized and alphabetized to make it easy to find
things quickly.  Since ALL issues are compiled into one list, it’s
better than browsing the year-end indexes that some magazine compile.

It’s FREE so come check it out!

From the main page, follow the ‘who nose?: reference’ link or just
click on our monkey’s nose to take you to the reference section.

As we get the time, we’ll be adding all kinds of other related
reference materials that we’ve collected over the years.

ENJOY!  And let us know what you think!

mailto:dho…    -
797 Mitchell Street, Fredericton, NB, E3B 3S8, Canada
Phone:  (506) 459-7088
————————————– young monkey studios —

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